News Brooke done with TNA

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  1. TNA is doomed.

    Seriously, though. Is anyone left in the KO division now?
  2. Only the greatest female wrestler on the planet.
  3. That's right. As long as they have Gail Kim the Knockout's division will be fine. No female wrestler compares to her.
  4. Obviously not. But I answered the question put to us.
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  5. is Taryn gone now? Assmacher isn't a huge loss, bring that booty to WWE please and thank you.
  6. Taryn's too busy with Jesus.
  7. that is a real thing? I saw her going God-crazy but didn't realize it was that bad.
  8. I honestly cannot say if she is gone from TNA or not. But TNA are in a bad way since they are losig market shares in the UK (where they made a lot of their money) since fans over there are discovering local alternatives to WWE. Glasgow based ICW ran the biggest wrestling event put on by a UK based company since 1981 last night with 5000 people in attendance. Legit sellout of an arena.

    It will be interesting to follow TNA news wise in the coming months, to see who leaves and who stays. Anderson is being courted by Daniels and Kazarian to come to ROH for example, but that could just be banter.
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  10. TNA chicks > WWE chicks
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  11. [​IMG] >TNA chicks >WWE chicks
  12. Farewell Brooke and you're amazing ass
  13. Your**
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  14. Dang, Brooke and Taryn were the two best knockouts IMO (aside from Kim), hopefully they come back soon...
  15. With easily two of the best asses in da business :rollins3:

    But yeah, it sucks they're gone
  16. Guessing Madison and Gail are going to go for a year long feud. Or whenever DA cuts them off, so probably a month or two.
  17. Wow, even my girl calls me out on that, fuck my grammar lol
  18. Worry not this guy can teach ya :D (open)
  19. One fell off the tracks however i wouldn't say it's doomed. We still have a few good wrestlers in there, perhaps its time they started scouting for newer female talent too.
  20. It was sarcasm, brotherjackdude.
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