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Hulk Hogan’s baby girl is making him proud once again.

Brooke Hogan is back on the music scene. She released albums in 2006 and 2009, and just dropped a new music video tonight. Introducing, “Touch My Body,” for your viewing pleasure! There is lots of hip shaking and what I assume to be double entendre sexual innuendo.

Not bad for what it is. The song is catchy in a poppy way. The visuals in the music video reminded me of something from the youthful days of Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. So much so that I had to double check to make sure this video was new. Hogan is 31 years old but she looks the same as when she first started in music.

The lyrics are something else. Here is the chorus, as best as I could understand.

Baby, we can go,
If you want to row,
We can take a boat to my island,
Baby, take a dip,
Come and have a sip from my lips,
We can go to my island,
Touch my body,
Touch my body.

Baby, we can go,
If you want to row,
We can take a boat,
Come to my island,
If you want to leave,
Baby, take a seat,
You can come with me,
Come to my island.
So, uh, yeah. I’ll let you be the judge if those words are innocent or sending a sly message.

After listening to the song a few times to write out the chorus, it is pretty infectious. I hope I don’t start singing the lyrics out loud tomorrow when I’m walking down the city street.

Will you be jamming to, “Touch My Body”?

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