Brooke Hogan released!

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  1. PWMania via the Wrestling Observer. Vague report.
  2. NO WAY. I'm going to cry an ocean of tears of joy if this is true.
  3. Let's hope it's true.
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  4. :kratos: well they say news travels fast, and well, it's happening i guess, so what's this all really mean? :kratos:
  5. :yes: First Brooke then Hulk!! :yes:
  6. i wouldn't go that far, but you never know.
  7. I would go that far and get the touchdown with that distance!
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  8. I hope that's correct.
  9. If it's true it's a good move for TNA.
  10. I approve of Brooke being fired, but what are the likely chances of Hulk going next?
  11. Slim to none. Surely they think he's valuable for some reason.

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  13. Probably his name alone draws some people to TNA that aren't regular viewers of the show. That's my assumption because other than that I think most of the regular viewers of TNA think he's terrible.
  14. Glad she is gone,she was just such a waste of space. I wish Hogan would be next be we know that'll never happen.
  15. they say "never say never"
  16. So no biker whore heel turn? I'm rather disappointed.:please:
  17. My Brooke GIF!!!!!! My precious Brooke GIF!!!!! :upset: :cry: :sad: :sad1:
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    Dirtsheets are confirming this one. :yay:

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