Brooke's TNA run expected to be "short".

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Jun 7, 2012.

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  2. Brooke knows best. :hogan:
  3. Damn, I really hoped she would stay more. Can't wait to see her first feud.
  4. Against Gail Kim, of course.
  5. "...I’m passionate about it, I’ve grown up in the business, and it's fun."

    Ugh. Oh My Gosh, spare me. You are so full of bull, Brooke. Please make your short stay even shorter
  6. THIS.
  7. Brooke Hogan vs Kelly Kelly
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  8. Brooke Hogan needs to fuck off. Don't get why TNA hired her. She has NO SKILL or EXPERIENCE in Wrestling and they're wanting her to coach their Knockouts who are some of the best Female Wrestlers in the world?

    She's a waste of time and money and should just fuck off.
  9. Watched twoheaded shark the other night, man what a horrible movie. She is probably the best actress in the whole flick, and that is saying something IMO. Almost no TnA too...weak.
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