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Thanks to a push from the powers that be, the pro wrestling podcast Bros B4 Elbows is right here at

3, 2, 1....*AIRHORN* Royal Rumble week is here and for some reason your Bros are extra hyped. We got a fever, and the only cure is watching two Royal Rumble matches on Sunday.

On episode 111.0, it really is all about the 2020 Royal Rumble with brief side trips into the worlds of Super Smash Bros, Jack in the Box tiny tacos, Bad Boys for Life, and summer vacations in Florida mixed in. Picks for every match on the card, Rumble winners, iron men/women, quickest eliminations, Edge, CM Punk, a brief AEW critique, and more topics battle for our number 30 spot.

It’s Rumble season, why not avoid being tossed over the top rope with the Bros B4 Elbows show?

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