Bros Turned Foes: Jessie & Robbie To Battle at Slammiversary

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    The two time TNA World Tag Team Champions, the once best friends, Robbie E and Jessie Godderz are now bitter rivals. How did this Bromance of the decade that inspired a pop-culture movement spin out of control? They say it happens to all great tag teams, each member feels they carry more of the weight of the team and the foundation crumbles. Jessie and Robbie have massive egos and in the end it didn’t work out.

    It certainly didn’t work out for Robbie, who was pummeled by Jessie weeks ago.


    Jessie then took his frustrations out on third-wheel and long time bro-mediator DJZ.


    Robbie returned to IMPACT this past Wednesday night seeking retribution on Jessie in a big way!


    Robbie called our Nashville offices this morning and demanded a one-on-one match with Jessie, and now it is official. Robbie E will face his long-time BFF at Slammiversary exclusively on Pay-Per-View and the Flipps app on Sunday, June 28

    Robbie said this before hanging up, “Jessie Godderz wants to call me a loser! Jessie wants to say I held him down? Jessie will get a full dose of Robbie E at Slammiversary, make it happen, BRO!”


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