Bruce Pritchard and D'Lo Brown are gone.

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Snowman, Jul 17, 2013.

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    Pritchard's been overseeing the creative direction of the company around BFG 2011. This is huge.
  2. Oh my god what is happening to TNA? Financing Dept. too flashy?
  3. WHAT THE FUCK. Idk what to make of these two being gone in particular, but what the fuck is going on?
    TNA is going to have no one left but The Hogans, Dixie, Hardy, Hemme and Sting it seems :dawg: :cornette:
  4. Yeah, I wouldn't say it's a bad sign for TNA. But I would say it was probably too early for them to go on the road consistently.
  5. Sting World Champion
    Hardy X Division Champion
    Hemme Knockout champion
    The Hogans are the World Tag Team champions
    I-It's perfect :yay:
  6. 2013 is the year of the Hogan's brother. In before Nick Hogan is signed to a $20,000/appearance contract.

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  7. Pritchard sucks, this is good.

  8. They rushed into that for sure, and how much has it even improved the product? Little to none. IMO they would be better off going LIVE from the IZ every week as opposed to what they've been doing.
  9. I was hoping to see cyborg D'Lo return for revenge on Aces & 8's after they supposedly caved his skull in with a hammer.
  10. It seems like they didn't predict the consistent costs of on the road tapings and thus are trying to renegotiate certain people to cheaper deals (that's what PWinsider says at least, D'Lo agreed to go per appearance but was dropped all together and Pritchard refused to restructure his position or something like that). I think it was Nano who talked about doing tapings from one location (a impact zone) and ppvs on the road. Sounds like a much better deal.
  11. Indeed something seems to be off.
  12. Is this the end of GutCheck?!
  13. Prickhard (wrote that intentionally) should go away. How retarted he is. Bobby Roode reminded him that his contract was over.
  14. WWE shed dead weight in 1996... guess what happened ..... a glass broke that's what
  15. Hated Pritchard, good riddance to him. Never cared for D-Lo so these releases don't bother me whatsoever.
  16. Omg you're back. Welcome back dude.

  17. Sup, Bro!!! Nice layout.... good takes here and there... im ready to k*ll it again
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  18. Pritchard wasn't that good and is going to be easy to replace. As for D-Lo I highly doubt any TNA fans give a shit if he is with the company.
  19. No one cares about this releases. Finally TNA releases not so important guys. Who'll be the next one? UUUUUH CHAVO!
  20. Pritchard might not be popular but without a doubt his position in the company is an important one none the less. He was/is vice president of programming and talent relations. That's one of the most important positions in a wrestling company. To say that him leaving isn't a big deal is blatant naivety. Your opinion on his work none withstanding.
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