Bruno Sammartino buries WWE Hall of Fame, talks about Hogan, Flair and kurt angle

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Mar 3, 2012.

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  1. Very interesting interview.
  2. He is so fucking right about the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is a joke.

    The Hall of Pain>Hall of Fame
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  3. The WWE HOF buries itself on a yearly basis
  4. His comments on Rick and Hulk make me mark.
  5. I've got a lot of respect for him for refusing the HOF pay day based on his principles.
  6. Sammartino is spot on. Great, great man. He made a ton of money for McMahon Sr.
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  7. Am I the only person who thinks this guy being a stone aged tool?

    Fred Flintstone thinks this guy needs to have an open mind

    He's so bitter. For him to say he's not stubborn, tells me how arrogant he really is.

    Stop crying and get over it, not even Bret Hart was this petty

    Go away, Bruno, ... please
  8. He's not bitter, did you even read the interview? He has every right to say whatever he wants, just like everyone else. He's spot on. And actually, your post looks like you're bitching about Bruno, so cut the crap. Double standards suck.
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  9. I am officialy adding Bruno Sammartino as in Top 5 Wrestling Gods after reading this. Loved it.
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  10. Cut what crap? He's the one who refuses to let the past go... He's the one who worked for the WWWF and would rather be penniless than work

    How is he 'spot on'? Is he spot on b/c guys enjoy the limelight? Should Hogan/Flair crawl into a crave and hide like Bruno has?

    I guess you're right... every wrestler needs to be Kurt Angle or Bruno Sammartino, right?

    I'm not b*tching about Bruno, but he's the one who says he won't have any relationship w/Vince..... that's not bitter?

    Wow. Bret Hart had better reasons to be bitter. He's my all time fave, but even I would admit Bret was a bitter dou*** for many years
  11. Agreed. He doesn't give any legitimate reasons as to why Hogan and Flair shouldn't wrestle. They put in more into the industry more than anyone else basically and he has the nerve to say that it is pathetic that they keep it going? More like it shows they are dedicated and care more than Bruno did about wrestling.

    Also, Companies can benefit from using older stars such as using them to put current susperstars over.

    It seems to me that Bruno only wrestled until he got what he wanted. Until he became a star.
  12. Lulz, you need someone else to give you reasons why Flair and Hogan shouldn't wrestle?
  13. If they cared about wrestling they'd step into the shadows and let the young guys have the sun. The problem with Hogan especially is he's practically always the centre of attention whilst not really putting anyone over. Look at his last feud in TNA he lost to Sting, imagine how big that could have been say if Styles was the man who made Hogan see the light? Or even someone else AJ just fits as he was the man who built TNA so he should have saved it.
  14. Sammartino mentioned nothing about young guys... in fact Sammartino doesn't seem to care about the wrestling business at all

    He mentioned how great a draw he was and everyone should be like him. He hates change... ok Bruno

    Hogan has problems, we agree on that... but Bruno only mentioned Hogan staying too long, that he shouldn't be there at all

    He says Hogan/Flair should go away, but a 42 year old cripple like Angle is the best thing going .... again what's his gripe?

    Sammartino never mentions one word about young talent or what's best for the industry

    Wrestling is as clean as its ever been... but Bruno still hates it and won't have anything to do with it.
  15. Sammartino is great. Longest reign, big name in the business.
    Too bad the HOF is at the current level.
  16. Is Bruno even relevant to people any more though? After all he is a legend but how many of the casual fans will even know him? I'm not sure as I'd class him as a big name in the business to them.

    Nuff said imo.
    I like to go all the way with knowing about wrestlers.
  18. Didn't answer my question. Is he relevant to the casual WWE wrestling fan?
  19. No way would he be relevant to casuals. No way.
  20. Guys, he's Bruno F'N Sammartino. The Babe Ruth of pro wrestling. He's relevant. Relevancy is a relative term anyway, it's all about how/when you promote it.
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