Bryan after Team Hell No.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Pop Tatari, Jan 21, 2013.

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  1. What does the rest of this year hold for Bryan after this tag run?
    Will he challenge for the wwe title or go back to smackdown and feud over the WHC maybe even win it again or will it be midcard status?
  2. He will probably drop to Mid-card status, but i'd like to see him go for the American championship, he might be good feuding with Cesaro.
  3. That is what i fear but the matches with cesaro would be fantastic
  4. Hopefully they notice he's too damn over to be a mid carder. Doubt he'll be the WWE champ any time soon, but there's no reason to believe he and Ziggler wouldn't have a great feud over the WHC.
  5. I'd too see this because D-Bry is american and he is like Cesaro except he went to Japan and became a sold out all of his matches. Whereas Cesaro came over to America and became the champion, thus selling out arena's to see him.

    Might be not be best, but i'd like to see D-Bry in a serious title shot state and not Mid Carding.
  6. I'd love for him to go to SmackDown to feud with Dolph Ziggler for the title. Needs to be done when Dolph's reign is coming to an end so D-Bry can hold the title again as a face this time.
  7. Bryan and Dolph have great chemistry and a feud would do for me.
  8. I'm not sure that he will be in conention for the championship but he will for sure be given good tv time. He's the most over superstar in the WWE. It would be a total misuse of their best talent if he was a mid carder. Vince is a very smart buisness man, and DB sells.
  9. Does he? I know he brought in some great ratings as SmackDown champion, but does anyone know the specifics of his merchandise sales?
  10. Per Crayo :bitw:,default,pd.html
  11. Let him win the Royal Rumble and Challenge Punk for the WWE title at WM in a 60 minutes Ironman match.

    That would be :fap: worthy.
  12. Was in April 2011, when Bryan was at his peak right? I was just curious what he was like recently.
  13. I have no idea, I am kind of assuming. Watch it be awful lol.
  14. 2012, not 2011 but yeah. He still sells tons of merch though. Tons of yes and no shirts sell but not at the pace they did when he blew up.
  15. Sawce
  16. My sources say that Bryan is going to get a big push after his team with Kane ends. Not sure he'll fight for the WWE title, possibly the WHC against Dolph, that sounds awesome. Also curious to see how his character will end up, as they may want to tweak it a bit, but they also may not.
  17. He should feud with Punk.
    Pseudo-BITW vs BITW
  18. Last nights raw was a low for me. I hated everything that Daniel Bryan did. This is not the same Bryan Danielson that I fell in love with. I'm hoping that this ends soon, hopefully RR.
  19. All I know is after last nights RAW he needs to GTFO of this tag-team.
  20. Amen brother^
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