Bryan an Ziggler.

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  1. Are we looking at two ppl who can carry the company after Cena?

    They are both so over right now and things are moving nicely for them are they the go to guys for WWE if booking doesnt crap all over them.
  2. I imagine they could carry the company once Cena's gone. They're both talented athletes and are great on the mic. Not only that, but they're a huge draw for the crowd wherever they are.
  3. This is my point even as a heel DZ was pulling fans in. Bryan has gone over in a big way his pops being reminisant of the Attitude Era. For me now these guys are and should be the future. Obvs Punk, Orton, Henry will play a part in this as big draws. But if done correctly Bryan an Ziggler could be the chosen ones.
  4. Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, CM Punk, The Shield and Cody Rhodes. I believe these are a set of young, talented and amazing competitors. They're certainly the future of the company and hopefully they'll be able to carry the company. (Randy Orton and others will be huge draws, too).
  5. The future will be fandango, sheamus, and 3MB!!!

    Vince hates money
  6. Ziggler reminds me of Double J!
  7. They certainly have enough talent to be the top talent in the company, could be a few of the ones who will carry WWE indeed.
  8. By the time Cena retires or leaves, Bryan will be damn near 40. I wish he could be the face but Cena and him are simply too close in age. They will find someone younger by that time.
  9. Bryan and Ziggler may be the main guys for a bit but not for long considering their age. If we're talking about wrestlers who could be the top guys for years and years to come I'd put my money on Rhodes,and, Rollins.
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