Bryan bleeding after Ryback match

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jun 4, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Apparently he suffered the cut on his arm during the table powerbomb. Shouldn't stop him one bit. Easily handled with some bandages and maybe a couple of stitches.
  2. Useless thread 1/10
  3. I got a bigger cut from garden work yesterday.
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  4. #PrayForBryan
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  5. Useles post Negative5/10
  6. Useless staff member. -10/10
  7. Someone needs to watch Bambi.
    If you have nothing nice to say, shut your mouth and get back to Sunderland.
  8. Do you think I made this post outside of Sunderland?
  9. He's a pussy, except him out for 6 months.
  10. Do you think he's allowed to contaminate the country?
  11. How was I supposed to know if you ran away from home or not? I'm not a psychic.
  12. Once you're in Sunderland you stay in Sunderland. We can't risk there being an outbreak of the people from there.
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  13. So there is like a giant wall around it? Or a moat?
  14. Your psychic skills seem to know that it shouldn't stop him one bit and that it will easily handled with some bandages and maybe a couple of stitches.
  15. I'm obviously a doctor.
    Here's a resume of my work:
  16. Yep its a load of women stood there holding hands since the natives are virgins who can't go near a girl.
  17. Grossly off-topic. Think it's time to close this :pity1:
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  18. Says the douche who talks about trimming his garden.
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