News Bryan getting stripped of the belt causes people to demand their money back

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Sep 18, 2013.

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    This is gold. :happy:
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  2. I'm surprised they don't want their money refunded to them just because of how much the PPV sucked.

    Really though, you shouldn't get a refund just because the story line finish of a match the night before was overturned. That's like asking for a refund just because the person you wanted to win didn't win. Or because a match on the card was changed to something different than was advertised (that one DOES feel like a rip off, like Austin getting run over at the '99 Survivor Series and being replaced with Big Show in the main event, but then again, it does say 'Card Subject To Change.')
  3. :lol1: That's not good!
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  5. i wonder if sky will do the same​
  6. Don't insult a wrestling fan. :pity:
  7. Wait wait wait wait wait: So you can get a refund for a bullshit main event finish?

    Poor TNA. :lol1:
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. OMG deth I am marking for that smiley!!!!
  10. What sort of retarded provider would fall for this?

    "Uh, yea, DirecTV? I ordered Bangin' Bikini Babes Back on Board and the ending was nonsensical rubbish. It invalidated the entire program. I'm afraid I'll be needing a refund to reconcile this matter."
  11. Off-topic, but damn you're the ultimate hipster.

    >Ryback sucks
    >IWC begin to despise Ryback
    >Now the most hated superstar
    >Ryback rules! Let's put him in my sig.
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  12. hipster? just a fag, really.

  13. I legitimately find him hilarious. Still not a fan of him on the mic (when he's serious) or in the ring, but his segments are straight up hilarious. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks so, pretty sure a lot of people enjoy (or at least find it amusing) the "BIG GUY :happy: " / Bully Ry gimmick. Also, I just find the gif funny, not like it means I'm his biggest fan now or something. Lol

    Either way, I'm glad my sig/opinion(?) intrigued you enough to post your thoughts on a topic completely unrelated :obama:
  14. Uhh irrc. You also "hate(d)" Ryback but find his current gimmick amusing, didn't you make a thread about it? lol.

    If you're calling me a fag for something completely unrelated, or just a queer in general then fair enough :obama: :hogan:
  15. just wanted to let everyone know you are a fag, not a hipster.
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  16. cuz I got yo back like dat
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  17. I appreciate it. I knew you had a heart.
  18. These marks. :lol1:
  19. I cackled maniacally at the statement in the "story" (personally, I want to see receipts before I believe Cox Cable refunded money due to the finish for a PPV), which reads "This could be a slippery slope for wrestling companies."

    Not only does this guy not know how pro wrestling works, he apparently doesn't know how cable/satellite companies deal with sports/entertainment companies when it comes to PPV events. Cox pays WWE for the PPV's they sold, not for the PPV's they refunded money (although I'm sure they'll get some kind of pro-rated amount for those, just to keep Cox somewhat happy). To make a long story short (i know, too late), this isn't a slippery slope for WWE (or any other pro wrestling/sports entertainment venture), this is a slippery slope for cable/satellite providers.

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