News Bryan legit injured last night

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 18, 2013.

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  2. My god, that's crazy. I really thought it was just going along with the storyline.
  3. Stinger's are relatively easily treated depending on how bad they are. And Bryan is penciled in to wrestle Ambrose during the Smackdown tapings tonight so he likely has a very minor one.
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  4. I knew the match wasn't meant to b like that! There was somethin wrong with Bryan. Just the look in his face, and the way Orton showed respect. I knew it
  5. Screw you Borton.
  6. Wow, I was thinking that it was all fake. I hope he is able to wrestle tonight for smackdown. I'd hate to see him get the ZIggler treatment.
  7. Glad to know he was scheduled to go over Orton though.
  8. I had a feeling when watching it that it was legit. Bryan not winning, the weird and zoned out look on his face, Orton helping him up to his feet, etc.
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  9. I wasn't sure wtf was going on but the whole thing seemed off.
  10. I rewatched the match and the point where it seems to happen is when he does the missile drop kick. He tries to kip up after it but ends up laying on the ground talking to the ref. Which leads to Orton going "What the Fuck is going on?". And then you can see his right arm going limp/numb.
  11. LordsOfPain

    Most likely a work. Or they took something very minor and said "Hey, we can do something with this, let's blow this up out of proportion and work it into th estory".But this is gonna work so well into Bryan's summer angle. I'm almost giddy.
  12. But..Ziegler was injured and they didn't stop the match :upset:

    Bryan is a boss. Bryan would bury HHH
  13. Thanks, Dr. Meltzer.
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  15. Is Thursday OK?
  16. Thursday is sadly full, I have to do a stupid removal then and this is some deep sat stupid so it will likely take all day. I have some open slots on Monday next week if that works with you?
  17. Sure thing. See you then!
  18. I'll have my secretary pencil you in.
  19. Can you two love birds finish your role playing via PM? Thanks.
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  20. What's a stinger?
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