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Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by seabs, May 3, 2013.

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  1. Any body else really dig this structure of a match? The way they traded holds was dope as was the KO rule instead of pins, the crowd gave it a gritty almost fight club kind of feel. The work by Danielson on the leg is top drawer especially the way he worked his ground game.​

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  2. Bryan Danielson approves of this thread. :bitw:
  3. I can dig it.
  4. You're the last person I expected to enjoy this.
  5. I have that tshirt signed by him.

    BTW amazing match, great find. Going to post in American Dragons group, Bryan Danielsons' best matches.
  6. why
  7. Don't you hate all these small crowd events?
  8. In general, sure, if you give me 12 guys in a high school gym it is no good for me. But this atmosphere was unique and didn't feel like a bunch of dweebs in a high school gym at all.
  9. Yeah i adore this type of wrestling, he was just brutal in there.Check out UWFI if you dig this kind of stuff.
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