Bryan needs an impact finisher.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. Yes he has the YES lock but all heels need that impact finisher imo. What would you recommend? Please post video examples of the moves you suggest if indeed you agree that he needs one.
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  3. Defo bring the regal plex back so cool!
  4. Regal flex is more of a planned finisher, I want one of those AND an impact finisher. Impact finisher is like the RKO, Brogue Kick. Can be hit out of no where and in pretty awesome spots.
  5. Widows Peak could be good for him, but he might get some flack for it being a diva's old finisher
  6. I could see him pull out some Stunner-facebuster combo of sorts. Kick to the gut followed by stunner followed by faceplant
  7. I think he used a Roundhouse Kick to end matches a few times.
  8. it's the one after the powerbomb
  9. Or the Superkick or a kick into a curvstomp combo
  10. Finishers for heels in WWE don't matter; they always just get lame wins like roll ups off distractions or using a weapon to win.


    and no on the superkick.. DZ needs to have that as a finisher. He has used it a few times but never won with it. His superkick is fucking amazing as you'd expect
  11. Yes! Lock FTW.
  12. I say Curvstomp/stomp. Allow him to utilize those boss legs and kicks of his. Have him kick someone down on there knees then a stomp.
  13. Ziggler's superkick is gold.
  14. Not the point. Heel impact finishers help the beat down segments. Punk wins match, celebrates, Bryan comes up from under the ring and hits what? The yes lock which takes about 5 seconds to get Punk down? How anticlimactic.

    I agree, DZ hits the super kick wonderfully and should carry on doing so, but he doesn't even use it any more. But I don't want Bryan using that.

  15. I'm sticking by something along the lines of this.
  16. If you could post the most opposite thing to an impact finisher you possibly could, it would be that.
  17. Master of the small package. He doesn't really need one possibly a Misawa style elbow would fit but as I say it isn't needed. Then again Hero is there with his ELBOOOOOWS.
  18. Not happening unless she becomes a huge face.
  19. Fuck the suplexes just give him the high kick thats how he beat CM Punk this monday.
  20. Superkick should go to cm punk
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