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  1. So we got the segment on RAW with John "handing over the torch" and every fan of Bryan's was happy. Well now its even more official. All Cena's upcoming eventlistings on and other channels have been changed to Bryan. Bryan is officially headlining the main house shows with Orton and all. He's the defacto number 1 good guy until John is back. Rumor has it even that kids who have asked for Cena are gonna get Bryan instead through make a wish until John is back (just a rumor though).

    Discuss. Are you happy with this? Is there someone else who should have done it? Talk people.
  2. Expected as much, of course. He and Punk are the only two who can substitute for Cena and Bryan is the fresher/hotter star at the moment and is already locked into a main event program.
  3. It makes sense, he's being pushed as the top guy on screen by now so yeah, since Cena is out this is a good decision.
  4. Who'd have thought this would happen after the tie incident. Good for Bryan.
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  5. Perfect example of cream rising to the top.
  6. Sounds good, he's the right guy and he's on a roll - the feud with Orton, HHH and the McMahons can only get better and Bryan isn't alone with Punk, Ziggler, Rhodes slowly rising up to be good faces.
  7. Or the seagulls following the trawler because sardines have fallen before.
  8. Never in a million years would I expect something like this to happen
  9. This is really good news. I'm thrilled at the fact that someone who isn't the co-operative guy, someone who doesn't have the poster look or someone who isn't a house hold name rising up to the top and taking such a huge role from John Cena.

    I admire John Cena's work ethic, hustle and his loyalty. It's not easy for someone to take over from John Cena's place at the top of the mountain, especially when someone like Vince is against guys such as Daniel Bryan being the poster boy (which is understandable from a marketable perspective).

    So, with that being said, it's nice to see Daniel Bryan headlining shows, taking such a huge role and this only just gives another reason for us to like him even more. It's no secret that Daniel Bryan will have a lot on his hands due to John Cena being out for 5 months, but he does have CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, Mark Henry and The Big Show who are also credible guys, but also becoming great faces.

    I wish Daniel Bryan the best with this role and hopefully he'll be able to fulfill it without causing himself any harm, injuries or issues.
  10. Its a great thing but if the rumour was true that kids who asked for Cena are getting Bryan I am a bit unhappy about that, These kids are in serious conditions sometimes even dying and if they want to meet John Cena before they pass they should.
  11. Woooooo. Hope Bryan kills it and makes it hard to get that spot back for Cena. Punk also. My future of the company is Bryan, Punk, DZ, ADR, Ambrose, Reigns, Cody and Sandow.

  12. Not everyone gets what they want. lrn2life
  13. Well if its a dying kid wouldnt you want them to get their wish?
  14. We are all dying technically. I get what ur saying but really its still a huge WWE star no biggie really.
  15. It is a biggie to me honestly, These kids are dying before their lives have even started and they wont even get their wish.
  16. Again I understand but so much bad shit goes on in this world if you can bring any happiness into it then it helps.
  17. Shitty response man. You have a make a wish foundation telling you "sorry, you can see Daniel Bryan if you want though."

    If those kids have a #2, do what it takes to get them. I know that sucks for Cena IRL but that's the price you pay for having as many visits as he has made. Hopefully these kids can appreciate what's being done for them, regardless of who shows up.
  18. I'm pretty sure Cena still has time to see dying kids. He makes more wishes come true than a genie
  19. i honestly wonder what his deal will be (how many days he will be out, how many procedures he has to have) after it all goes down? Assuming it will be a month max of surgery/visits/etc and some time off, but after that i dont see a reason he cant travel. Dude deserves a lot of credit for the Make a wish foundation alone.
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  20. Cena is really a man that we should all look up to being. He's pretty fuckin' great to be honest.
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