Bryan Out Another 6-12 months

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Danielson, Oct 29, 2014.

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  1. Well show announced on smackdown he is going to have the surgery on his arm. I believe it's tommy John. That injury takes pitchers almost a year to recover but id guess around 6-8 months for a guy that wont be throwing a ball every day. Let's all cry together. I'm on my phone, so trust me or find your own source.
  2. Sounds like Kayfabe to me, He is going to return and win the rumble.
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  3. sad as it is I've got more important people in the WWE for me.

    All about dat MVP, Seth Rollins, Ambrose and Wyatt right now.
  4. If that's true... Goddammit!

    Here's to hoping he'll be back at the Rumble and win it, though!
  5. If it was announced on SmackDown, then it definitely isn't kayfabe. And seeing that he also had a neck surgery, I've started to think that he could wind up like Edge in at least two years or so, having to retire because of neck injuries.
  6. Please tell me this is WWE winding us all up to have Bryan come back sooner than that... dude had the best possible moment at WM30 and marries Brie Bella... then suddenly his father dies, he gets injured, relinquishes the WWE title once again, so that's a 3rd title reign without any memorable defences and of course, multiple surgeries/recoveries.
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  7. Yeah, it's weird and frustrating at the same time. Every time he does something good, something just jinx it.
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  8. Big Show just saying it like that sounds kayfabe, but yeah, you never know. I think it's quite ironic what happened with Bryan, but tbh, I'm not anxiously waiting his return or anything. I can't say it was good, because if he had stayed it would've been him instead of Cena on those title matches, which is always better. But one less big star maybe wouldn't have allowed the Shield members to develop as they did. All in all, I'm not really missing him atm, I think the pool of talent we have is enough to put on an entertaining show. Whether they know how to book it or not is another deal entirely.
  9. Being named 'Most Outstanding Wrestler' seven years running >>> WWE Champion.
    I apologize if that statement sounds ignorant, but that's my take.
    WWE may have the money and the resources, but its a sorry a** company with a sorry a** boss.
    I'll take Danielson's first 10 years in the business over his last 5 easily.
    This isn't to say he isn't a good talent, just that WWE isn't such a wonderful f*cking entity.

    If he retired today, he'd be retiring on top. Whatever WWE has planned for him in the future can't top the path he trailed for the 1st 6 months of this year.
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  10. It's sad to see him out of action, but as @Stopspot said there are more important people in the WWE at the moment also I kinda liking the story WWE is taking, so a bryan return would be more fitting for the Royal Rumble.
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  11. Big Show announcing it does reek of kayfabe, but then again, dirtsheets have been reporting for awhile now that he'd probably need to have surgery done on his arm, so I wouldn't get too optimistic that it's a work just yet. I recall people speculating that the whole injury in itself back in the Summer was a work too, but we all saw that it wasn't.

    I'm disappointed on one hand since it means we're probably stuck with Brock vs Reigns at Wrestlemania for sure and may never get the opportunity to witness Lesnar vs Bryan at all, but on the other hand, I've already latched on to other superstars like Ambrose, Rollins and others.
  12. Sucks but they've been doing a pretty solid job without the 20 minutes of DB/Yes! Chant segments every week.
  13. He should just retire
  14. Tbh, I never got tired of those segments... However, I got tired of Reigns pretty damn quick. (like one Cena isn't enough). I'm so glad Dean is in that spot now who is 10x more talented than Reigns is.

    Anyways, I'll fucking mark out if DBry comes back at the Rumble or whenever he comes back!
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    I've been watching for roughly 16 years. Very few guys could set arenas on fire like he did and with such consistency. You can say what you will but there's no denying that it's a lil less fun without him.
  16. Reigns is gettin the Rumble so there's no way Bryan is going to steal the spotlight. If we are lucky and he gets a speedy recovery he might be on time for WM31
  17. He really had to get the TJ Surgery. I wonder if this means the bella feud is extended an extra year.
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  18. I hope not. But thankfully I always skip that Bella Twins shitty feud, so... Whatever they do with it, I won't give two fucks about it.
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  19. I wouldn't expect the Bella feud to go anywhere anytime soon.
    With Vickie Guerrero gone, Stephanie needs a new pet project and the Bella's have always been good for Public Relations (in which Steph is in direction).
    As Vince steps back, HHH and Steph will oversee things. Say what you will, but Steph has a great track record booking the Divas to fit her vision.
    Every Diva on the roster is doing something significant (even if its taking place on Total Divas), despite how cringe worthy things seem at this point.

    Give it time. The Divas division was so bad that its going to take some tinkering to make it what it can be.
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