Bryan responds to Punk's insult. Tensai impresses backstage

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jun 13, 2012.

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  1. I mark for Beautiful Bryan. :burns:
  2. Beautiful Bryan FTW!
  3. WWE is NOW impressed with Tensai? #wwelogicindeed
  4. Goat face is indeed a horrible insult.
  5. If Rock said it people would mark.

    Anyway. Beautiful Bryan = win.
  6. Bryan's face expression was soo good when Punk said it.. He was like: WTF ARE YOU SERIOUS BRO?
  7. I'll MarkyMark if he busts out the Beautiful Bryan comment on tv.
  8. Haha Daniel Bryan is amazing. He makes amazing gimmicks or things to get him over without even realising it I think.
  9. Dashing Daniel Bryan. :boss:
  10. His match with Sheamus was the best he's been in WWE since coming back as a Jap IMO. I still wouldn't say I was 'impressed' though
  11. He needs to go back to the Giant Bernard gimmick, it was awesome in New Japan.
  12. Beautiful Bryan. :dawg:

    Of course, we have this guy go over our biggest star and our champ, but we're not really happy with what he's doing. But now we're impressed. We should make him go over... wait.

    WWE pushes the wrong people.
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