Extreme Rules Bryan/Sheamus Moty?

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  1. Before I start may I apoligise to Sheamus for saying that Bryan carried him, I was blinded by rage at him winning at that point :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    What a fucking great match it was, the result was so obvious but they kept me excited and wondering what would happen throughout. Even when they took the break Bryan had the crowd going fucking mental with the Yes and No chants. Probably the loudest they were all night to be honest.

    What's everyone else's thoughts?
  2. It was a great, awesome match. It's up there with HHH vs Taker, not sure which one's best.
  3. It was a great match however I didn't like the fact that Sheamus didn't tap instead he passed out.
  4. Yeah that irked me as well, I knew he was never going to though, top faces never ever tap.
  5. I would list it as an early MOTYC. Shame they didn't have it at Mania, but alas, #WWELogic.
  6. Defo on of the matches of the night and as Dolph said. A early MOTY candidate.
  7. It would have been perfect if Sheamus tapped. I can't believe they didn't make him tap for the 2nd week running.

    But yeah the match was great.
  8. CM Punk/Jericho is MOTY right now for me; WWE-wise at least.
  9. Yeah I think I preferred that mainly due to the versatility of the match. It had a more variety of scenarios. Their best match thus far.
  10. If they would have had Sheamus tap when Bryan applied the lock that time before the PPV and then have him man it out last night it would have made Sheamus actually look tougher since he would have "gotten better"
  11. The match was great. Both men did good and the crowd was loud. Should've made Sheamus tap..
  12. Even with the shitty finish for me Lesnar/Cena was MOTN. Had Brock just gone over like he should have that match would have been a 9.5/10 for me. I was marking
  13. When I was watching the match there is was so fucking fun. Started to lose my voice during that match. We started chanting WE WANT AJ and then someone randomly started chanting I WANT MY BJ!
  14. I have to admit, it was an incredible match. So original, it felt real and Cena getting busted open completely added to it. He should've pushed the doctors out the way when they cleaned him up, ruined it a little for me.

    For me MOTY so far is..

    Triple H/Taker
  15. I WANT MY BJ!

    God I love chicago.
  16. Who's this Chicago that's giving out BJ's?
  17. We were chanting we want AJ and a guy said I want my BJ out of no where everyone laughed @[R'Albin]
  18. I was making an attempt at humour, didn't really word it right though :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    That does sounds pretty funny yetrandom though!
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