Royal Rumble Bryan VS Big Show VS Henry

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  1. On the very end of Friday night smackdown this week, smackdown GM announced that at the Royal Rumble, Bryan will defend his title against Show and Henry, in a triple threat steel cage match.

    Bryans way of being a coward is finally over. He annoyed me as champ, he annoyed me as a heel period, so I like this decision.

    D-Bryan vs Mark Henry (Teddy's decision at the end)
  2. I can see Show and Henry destroying each other then Bryan sneaking in for the pin. He's going to be a JBL style champion it seems winning by hook, crook or just good luck.
  3. I don't know, I think it might be Shows time to win the title. Kayfabe is msaking it kind of obvious lol.
  4. Yep.

    I won't watch SmackDown if that's the case until his reign is over.

    Are they having like NO big men in the Rumble? And no credible stars? I remember 2 years ago it had Show, Jericho, HHH, HBK, Cena, Orton, Henry, Punk and lots more stars. Now this year it's missing Punk, Bryan, Ziggler, Henry, Show, Kane, Cena... that's a strong championship card for the Rumble.
  5. It's got me in it.... :cry:
  6. Haha yeah, just I'm a big fan of Rumble's with a great amount of star-power. They often protect their assets by not letting them look weak getting eliminated, it's such nonsense.
  7. You just wait till I win this years RR :emoji_heart:
  8. Santino to win RR lol
  9. That would completely destroy the RR reputation if Santino won..
  10. Haha he's being sarcastic @[RKO]

    Santino was close last year! :laugh: