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  1. Those two have the capabilities to put on a 5 star match. Would anyone else like to see these two square off at Mania? I know a lot would have to happen with the tag titles but hopefully they can make this happen. What do you guys think?
  2. Would love to see these guys feud one day and properly showcase their skills on PPV. It was a great TV match they gave us.
  3. Yeah, you don't see a lot of those on TV, good call on that.
  4. I'd love it, but they're running out of time.
  5. I know, especially with no tag team title match set. It looks like Hell no will retain until mania :sad1:
  6. I'd love it, but I don't see it happening this year
  7. Can't see it going down this year either, but it's pretty obvious that I'd be all for it. The match on Raw was pretty good outside of rather noticeable sloppy moments. Unlike the Punk/Jericho TV matches from way back in 08 and onward or the Punk/Bryan TV matches from about a year ago; the Jericho/Bryan matches honestly haven't had me pulling for the PPV match through their quality. I'm actually more pulling for it because I kind of feel let down by both their NXT and Raw bout (for completely different reasons though but still). I just know these guys can do so much better than what they delivered and I'm itching to see it.
  8. I noticed one sloppy moment last night and it was played off very well. I'm not sure we watched the same match.
  9. Great match, great chemistry, great end, great result, great wrestlers.
    Really made the Raw (and the EC, come to think of it) a lot better.
  10. The apron spot (the one I'm positive you're mentioning) and the Codebreaker (in fairness, that might be the camera angle's fault), that's it.

    For the record, my opinion on the match not really impressing me wouldn't have changed had those been different. I don't care if a match has two sloppy spots, or even one in the long run. Like you said, that played off that one well so it really doesn't matter. However it stuck out to me and it is a negative, in the case at least, so yeah I brought it up. But if I was rating the match, it wouldn't change whether they were the same or perfectly applied.

    I probably wasn't clear enough initially, that's what I get for not caring about the product enough to elaborate and trying to cut back on my ramblings I suppose. Anyway, the only "problem" I have with the match, is that it was just decent. Had some nice spots (loved the Walls counter into the No! Lock) but overall it was just okay. I can list several random Raw matches had by both Bryan and Jericho that I enjoyed much more than this one. My point in my last post was that I want a PPV match between the two not because their TV matches are really impressing me (like Jericho/Punk & Punk/Bryan) but because I know those two can put on an incredible match together if given more than eight minutes and a story to build off of too (though I'd assume only one of the two is needed).
  11. For a Tv match it was exceptionally well, and was exciting for me. I'm not sure you're going to see a much better match from them two, than what we did last night, on free tv. Which is why I was hoping for a PPV as well. So, we are thinking alike, sorta, kinda.
  12. You're probably right about that free tv thing but I don't know, I think Bryan's had better matches on free tv with lesser opponents (Sheamus springs to mind immediately) so I'm sure he could have a better one with Jericho. I did enjoy it though, I know my expectations are probably to high. I think it's kind of justified since it is Chris Jericho and Daniel Bryan, it's hard not to expect the best from those two. Also, the fact that I'm really not into wrestling anymore could have something to do with my reaction to it. Hate bringing that up in discussions though.
  13. I wouldn't book it this year. I'm pretty sure everything's penciled in for DB/Kane and Jericho/Ziggler at WM, so to go through aaall the work just to get them away from that and for them to have a short feud which would probably have a mediocre start and an excellent match at WM feels like it's just for pure match quality. Of course, if one day they're able to do it and neither Bryan nor Jericho is involved with something else, I'd absolutely love to see them wrestling at a PPV, but I wouldn't do it for WM 29.
  14. It was a decent match but if given the proper time and absolute freedom then a five star match would occur. Would rather see Bryan vs Jericho at mania then Bryan vs disrespect to Kane but Bryan vs Jericho gives us a better match and Bryan deserves to put on a good showing at maina compared to whats happened in the last two years .
  15. About Jericho/Ziggler . . . does anyone know how long Jericho is actually sticking around this time? Last I've read it was only for WrestleMania season. If that's the case I really hope they don't go the route of Jericho/Ziggler. It'd be a shame for Jericho to return only to feud with the guy we last seen him feuding with in my opinion.
  16. I would love to see a Hair vs Beard match at Wrestle Mania! :goatface: :smug:
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