Bryan Vs Michaels

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Star Lord, Aug 13, 2013.

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  1. Bryan

  2. Michaels

  1. Was being discussed in statuses so I thought we should make a thread instead.

    Who is a better WRESTLER?
  2. Daniel Bryan. Speaks for itself.
  3. It doesnt speak for itself, Explain?
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  4. DB, Micheals was more of a high flyer.
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  5. I'd go with Shawn Michaels.
  6. Bryan. Michaels is a great entertainer, but Bryan is the better wrestler.
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  7. Daniel Bryan uses alot more moves and different moves other than just the figure four leglock, knife edge chops, an elbow drop and a super kick in his career. He used alot more impressive and cool moves, and how they look. You could use a 1000 moves but if they look shit or botched that doesn't make you a better wrestler, but I'm not saying HBK did that, I'm just saying Daniel Bryan used alot more moves that werent just scoop slams and elbow drops, Daniel Bryan used different finishers throughout his career. That's what a better wrestler to me is anyway.
  8. By different finishers in his career you mean the 3 he has used? Have you even watched Michaels? He uses a lot more than what you have said.
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  9. Yes, I have watched HBK weirdly enough and yes you're right, I didn't mention all of his moves, but that's because even then he hasn't use as much as Bryan, and some new moves HBK used like once don't count.
  10. Just because you use a lot of different moves doesnt make you better than someone else.
  11. Doesn't it? Difference of opinion, I guess. But to add to that, I said alot of different moves and how you do them.

  12. Bryan has used the Lebell lock, The crucifix elbows, Cattle Mutilation, the Guillotine choke, Crossface Chickenwing, Triangle choke, and some others to win matches. That's more than three.
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  13. Michaels has bucket loads more psychology than Bryan and would outperform him on a WrestleMania type stage whereas Bryan's technical style allows for him too have many good matches within shorter time periods. Not really the same type of wrestler so it's hard to compare though. If you're going for a technician it's Bryan, but as a wrestler whole (showmanship, work, look etc.) Michaels is ahead.
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  14. What mustafar said.
  15. I like Daniel Bryan, Infact he's a great wrestler but how can you compare him to a hall of famer, Mr Wrestlemania, Shawn Michaels. Michaels has had big time in WWE, Daniel Bryan better than HBK, nah! Triple H, Hogan, Bret Hart, Mysterio, Jericho their guys who Michaels versed. Unlike Bryan who verses opponents such as Barrett, Cesaro, Swagger, Ryback, Cena, Young.
  16. Just because Bryan is still early in his WWE career doesnt mean he is worse than Shawm Michaels, Bryan has faced Jericho too and im sure he has faced Mysterio before, Just because the people HBK wrestled are legends now doesnt mean Bryan wont face legends in his career and John Cena is a legend already.
  17. Mate Bryan is just not where HBK is. HBK is much better than Bryan. Hall of Famer, Mr Wrestlemania.
  18. Dude Georgie Isnt Mustafar.
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  19. They are very close actually, Just because HBK is a Hall of Famer doesnt make him better, Bryan is a future Hall Of Famer in my opinion.
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