WrestleMania Bryan vs Sheamus discussion thread.

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Mar 7, 2012.

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  1. So, who's winning, how, and why the hell has the build been so freaking crappy?


    My opinion:

    Winning: Pale HHH (Sheamus)
    How: Completely cleanly, brogue kick, not that long of a match.
  2. Bryan to win in some unclean way setting up the rematch where Sheamus wins. I can't see Punk and Sheamus walking out with the world titles for some reason, and I'm pretty sure Jericho isn't winning.
  3. Sheamus is being pushed to the moon as is Punk, I'm sure both of those are winning. Sheamus is HHH's little pet though and I can not see them putting faith in Bryan over their boy.
  4. It wouldn't make sense for Sheamus not to win. I don't really think they've built up this match as much as they have displayed Sheamus as a dominating force the past few weeks. As much as it pains me to say it, The King of Yes's time is thinning.
  5. Didn't people say the same about ADR the year before though? I'm just not as sure as you seem to be that Sheamus is going over.
  6. Sheamus is over, ADR isn't and never was. Plus, everyone was right about ADR, he was a 2 time WWE Champion, Royal Rumble winner and MITB winner in his short spell. Think of Sheamus now as HHH's version of Vince's ADR. We all know HHH gets his way.
  7. We all know this year's only highlights of this match will come from the defending champion. I love DBryan winning because he is the best vegan in the world. We all know Sheamus will win because VKM will change his mind after a little ass kissing from HHH.

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  8. Somehow, I see Daniel Bryan retaining. I also see as the opening match for Wrestlemania this year.
  9. Whoever wins this match, looks like a star. Whoever loses, falls off the map. This is the most high-stakes match at Wrestlemania, and the only one with any real star-making potential imo.

    Daniel Bryan is the best heat-generator in the WWE right now, stale or not, and it would be really dumb to render his title reign completely meaningless by having him lose this match. So Sheamus will win.
  10. This is the match on the card that needs the most build up instead it goes to guys who wrestle one match a year.It seems so obvious that sheamus will win but it seemed obvious that Jericho would win the rumble.So i am hoping for a swerve.Bryan needs the win more imo. sheamus is already a rumble winner,us champ,KOTR and two time wwe champ.Sheamus is already a big star and gets great fan reaction
  11. Fella to win in a 10-13 min opener. I expect a very good and exciting bout.
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  12. Yeah, Sheamus will win. They're building him up every week in RAW & SmackDown. It'd be a huge disappointment of Sheamus's fans. I think AJ will do something to cost Bryan the match.
  13. I think they'll put Sheamus over. He's overdue another World Title reign and he's more than capable of carrying SmackDown his back.
  14. Not sure he's overdue, he's had two abysmal WWE championship reigns already and a US Championship run and KOTR winner and Royal Rumble winner (my god). But he will get it, and I'm guaranteeing you that he won't draw. SmackDown ratings won't improve like they did with Henry & Bryan.
  15. I really hope Bryan wins. I can't stand Sheamus but I just can't see WWE not having him win this match *sigh..
  16. Sheamus will whoop dat ass and I'll be there to lick up the tears of all the bitter Bryan marks

    YES! YES! YES!
  17. I won't be crying. SmackDown is irrelevant to me lol. As long as he doesn't take up too much of RAW I'm happy with Pale HHH being champ.
  18. I hope Sheamus will win, in a clean way.
    Bryan is going to try to escape a few times, but he will keep him in the ring.

    But I also have the feeling that Bryan will retain in a weird way.
  19. Nah Sheamus is HHH's and WWE's golden boy at the moment. He hasn't lost clean since Mark Henry smashed him into the barricade (still not clean really). Bryan has had quite a long reign now, so I don't see him continuing it against someone like Sheamus.
  20. I hope it's a squash match.

    Brogue kick.
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