bt sport now own the rights to the champions league and europa league games

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Gav back in the championship, Nov 9, 2013.

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  1. from the 2015/16 all champions league and europa league games will be shown on bt sport meaning itv or sky will no longer be showing the games i for one hate this as it was the only football i got chance to watch and i'm sure it applies to others as well i just hope they agree some sort of deal with itv like sky did doubt it though

    Thoughts on this?
  2. £1billion, stupid money being thrown around.
  3. I get the channel so I'm not really affected and with how easily available streams are I don't see how it'd affect most people tbh.
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  4. thats true but its not the same as watching it on the tv the only positive i can take from it is no more adrian chiles lol
  5. I presume you have it because of broadband? I highly doubt BT Sport will remain free with broadband subscribers when this launches in 2015.

    Regardless, if they employ better pundits and commentators then I'm down. It'll be cheaper than Sky Sports, it will show much more games and for people into the other "jobber teams" it means an easier way to watch those matches. I'll definitely be getting it. I like what BT Sport are doing at the moment.

    They NEED to employ Gary Neville though. :gary:
  6. I'm sure its only free for this season i wouldn't be surprised if their prices shoot up either it'll be interesting to see how sky bite back
  7. Virgin not because of their broadband. It replaced ESPN.
  8. probably works out better for Pub landlords as well if they have BT sports, as no midweek games on ITV for people to stay in and watch, so they eithere pay for BT sports, find a stream or go to the pub if they wanna watch it
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  9. Both parents work for BT so luckily we get it, couldn't live without Champo league games. No more shitty ITV punditry! Although Owen is pretty shitty.
  10. No more Adrian fucking Chiles. If I were on my pc I'd post so many celebratory gifs. Fuck that man.
  11. They could always snap up adrian childs lol i prefer the europa league tbh the games are more exciting in the later stages still a big loss if you don't have them channels
  12. Adrian Chiles, Mark Lawrenson and Niall Quinn is my dream team.
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  13. Both of them > quinn. He's the worst commentator I've ever seen. Not joking either.
  14. Loved his passion yesterday
  15. Awful. Didn't nearly give Sunderland enough credit as he's ridiculously bias to city. Your defending and teamwork was admirable and new style of play, yet he kept going on about how dominant city were and shirt. They were terrible. They were planted in your half and didn't create shit. City without silva are a much lesser animal. Fuck u nail quinn you big eared dig sucking faggot
  16. Couldn't you hear the glee in his voice in the final minutes? He clearly loved it that we beat them and he couldn't hide it in his voice. At least IMO, anyway :shock:
  17. You're retarded
  18. Has anyone noticed that he says "Terrific" after every fucking thing he says? He's so goddamn retarded and he is like someone doing an impression of Jamie Redknapp, just says the most obvious things possible.
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  19. 'They're bringing on another striker. Looks like they're going to be more attacking' - Nial Quinn
  20. Sir*

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