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Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by impactking, Apr 15, 2016.

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  1. I thought this would be needed.
    Leave your constructive criticism here and Hype up your BTB.
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    GEW Anarchy Rules is up and what things are on there.

    The Bucks defend the World Tag Team Championships against reDRagon.

    Bobby Roode faces his Grudge Daniel Bryan.

    Sami Zayn faces Tyler Breeze in a Ladder Match for GEW Television Championship.

    Sasha Banks Faces Bayley for the 1st ever GEW Women's Championship.

    Cesaro Faces Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Brock Lesnar faces Chris Hero in the 1st ever match up between the 2.

    and Sami Callihan Challenges Seth Rollins for The GEW Championship in a Street Fight.

    Global Elite Wrestling

    Heres the link to an amazing PPV. Give your thoughts on it and everything.
  3. Where is the undertaker
  4. PWALogo.png

    Coming Soon:
    Featuring Xandar Wolf, Tyson Snow, Yuri Yamashitya and more.
  5. As ric say woooooooooooooo
  6. Show Spoiler


    There are certain classes in the wrestling world. While one fighter may not be able to pull off a Moonsault, he might be able to do a mean looking Samoan Drop. Alternatively, a Frankensteiner might be your forte but you can’t lift your larger peers up for a Scoop Slam.

    But every once in a while, there comes a certain fighter who has all of the signs of a great competitor. A Jack Of All Trades. Both strong and swift, both hard and elegant. A once in a lifetime wrestler, who captures the imagination of everyone who watches.

    That superstar has finally arrived.

    Introducing Xander Wolf, otherwise known as ‘The Pack Leader’. A man who can throw the punches and jump the top rope. Coming from a bare-knuckle background in boxing, Wolf knows how to throw a punch. His range of strikes allows him to take control of a match at any moment. Hooks and jabs, knees and elbows, head and feet. If it’s a body part, The Pack Leader can turn it into a vicious weapon.

    He bears a single gold chain around his neck, showing his class as well as his brutality. With gloves like his, any opponent knows what kind of barrage is on the horizon. His menacing stature strikes The Fear Of God into anybody who squares up to him.

    But the vicious, blood-lusting Wolf is only half of the predator. This wolf has wings, and he’s able to fly. One of his signature manoeuvres is known to be his over-the-top-rope suicide dive onto his opponent, sending his heavy frame crashing into his opponent. A really unexpected sight to anybody who does not know the ways of The Wolf, and beautifully executed even to those who know what’s coming.

    Show Spoiler

    Wolf hitting one of his finishing moves, Xander’s Sabre.

    Pure strength is another trait of Xander Wolf. He looks like a powerhouse, and he sure acts like it. His finishing moves, The Spinning Fireman’s Carry Cutter which Wolf calls ‘Xander’s Sabre’ only shows a glimpse of what he is capable of doing. Lifting his opponent into the air, carrying them on his shoulders as he spins and then finally, he hits the cutter. The Sabre Of The Wolf sinks into its next victim.

    His finishers aren’t the only feats of strength Wolf can pull off. Other trademark moves include his Straight Jacket Spike DDT, where he lifts his opponent into the air without any support other than his grip around their head, and spikes them head first into the ground. He can toss some of the biggest wrestlers across the ring like a rag doll, without the slightest bit of effort.

    Show Spoiler

    Wolf hitting his other finisher, ‘The Wolf’s Tone’

    His other finisher, The Hijack Neckbreaker that he calls The Wolf’s Tone is equally as impactful as The Sabre. He lifts his opponent into the high angle position, grabs the neck of the opponent, and brings him down into a neck breaking landing.

    Pro Wrestling Articulated has produced some major talent since its inception, but Xander Wolf looks to be ‘the’ real deal. See him in action when PWA: Pro Wrestling Articulated comes to WWEF soon.​

  8. Preview for Impact

    Live this Wednesday, TNA Impact airs an another action packed night. First, we have Kenny King and Cage squaring off. If Kenny King wants to be involved in the X Division Championship match at Lockdown, he has one big obstacle in his way. After Aries explained his attack on Bobby Roode, he promised that he would call out Dixie Carter this week. What will the self proclaimed face of TNA have to say to the TNA President? Finally, after coming to the aid of Dolph Ziggler, it seems that Drew Galloway has come into Bad Influence's bad graces. Drew Galloway will go one on one with one half of Bad Influence, Kazarian. All of this and more on the next episode of TNA Impact!

    View Here!
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