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Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by Ryan Blade, Apr 16, 2016.

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  1. Use this thread to interact with your fellow bookers! Discuss your experiences with EWR/TEW, pitch some booking ideas, get and give feedback for your BTB and any other discussion about the Be The Booker section!

    To start up some conversation I'll ask this, which is better, Extreme Warefare Revenge or Total Extreme Wrestling(State year if you have a favorite version)?
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  2. EWR is good if you're in for just simple fun. Easy to use, low graphics and nothing too fancy. TEW is way more hardcore. Has a lot of twists and turns to get around and can be incredibly hard.
  3. TEW is much better once you learn how to play it.
  4. I agree, once I got used to TEW, I haven't touched EWR since
  5. Yeah, EWR gets very boring after a while.
  6. One day we'll see a Big Japan BTB
  7. @WUKOffical Any particular reason as to why you've made 4 BTBs in the last week?
  8. have no idea but i will say why in the next 30000 btb
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  9. That's not really a funny joke man. You shouldn't really be making multiple threads just for the hell of it, pushing people who actually work on their BTB further down the section
  10. and that is why i am facing you a iwtmaina
  11. No, the reason why you're facing me is because we're both in the E-Fed. Here you're just flooding a section of the forum for what looks to be no reason
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  12. look that is the last time im doing it i have just made two show for summer and rest of the year
  13. No, don't do that. Keep this section organized.
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  14. wow noone gets a joke
  15. We're not stupid dude
  16. Should we make some rules for this section? like 30 day rules and all of that?
  17. That's what I'm sayin' brah
  18. I honestly think we should, it could bring some quality writing to the section, as it will give time to people to think about what they wanna make!
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  19. 30 days for what? Never done BTB myself so no idea what possible rules are.
  20. like if your thread has less then 10 replies you have to wait like 30 days to post a new thread