Bubba Ray: Cameo or More?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solidus, Jan 26, 2015.

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  1. So do you think Bubba Ray's appearance was a one-off or will we see more of him? If so, what will he do? Will Devon return to reunite The Dudley Boyz?
    I want to see more of him, although I would have preferred the Bully Ray gimmick with him eventually challenging for the WHC.

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  2. I can see him having a part-time contract, like RVD and Jericho. Full time? Probably not. A ''legend'' making an appearance should be a special moment, and I think WWE gets that. Don't think Bubba really wants or needs a full time contract anyways, since 250+ shows a year isn't the best schedule for a 44-year old.
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  3. Not sure if you saw him in TNA the past 2 years, he's definitely still got it.
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  4. He still got it, yes, but the TNA schedule isn't as demanding as the WWE schedule.
  5. I was hoping they would've reunited the two on tonight's RAW.. The Ascension would've started talking shit then Bubba would've came out and be like "Konnor, Victor I knew you were going to start talking shit tonight after your match last night against a former "legend" tag team.. so I made a call last night to a buddy and we want you guys tonight.. and then obviously Devon would come out.." Similar to how JBL brought on Ron Simmons on the RAW reunion but not quite the same.
  6. More, please.
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  7. It would not be a bad thing in my book to see more.
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  8. Meltzer said as of this moment Bubba-Ray's appearance at the Rumble was only a one-shot deal.
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  9. The Dudley Boys putting over The Ascension and mixing up the tag team division would be nice... if not, Bully can put over someone again in TNA. I don't really mind.
  10. Seems like a once off. Would love to see him portray the Bully Ray gimmick in WWE though. Dude was solid fucking gold and had his character down to a T on the stick and in the ring. <3 Calfzilla

    but yea, doubt he sticks
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  11. Yeah the Bully Ray gimmick would've been nice.
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  12. I completely disagree. There are plenty of wrestlers who have been able to maintain that sort of schedule at that age. Being close to 40 myself, it's not like there is some magic age that comes along and makes us too old to do anything. I hit the gym 7 days a week and very few younger guys in that building can come close to what I can do on treadmills and ellipticals. Ric Flair was 44 in the WWF and had that sort of Schedule, as did Bob Backlund. Kane is 47 and he still is wrestling. Even if he isn't full time wrestling, which I assume he is because he is wrestling at the house shows, he was 45 during the Team Hell No run and was wrestling full time. A guy in his 40's and 50's who takes care of himself is completely capable of working a schedule like that. It depends on the wrestler who is 44, not the 44 year old wrestler.

    I think Bubba would be able to keep the schedule just fine and would love to see him full time in WWE.
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  13. Definitely. He was in the best shape of his career during his TNA Championship run. Age is just a number, Bully looks and performs more like a guy in his mid 30s.
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  14. It still isn't the best schedule for him, but that's what I think, I don't know exactly, neither have I seen anything from TNA since 2013, so my opinion might be irrelevant. Even if he can pull off wrestling in 250+ matches, I don't think returning to WWE is something he really wants without Devon. But, if the money is right, he can still take the offer.

    I just don't think it's going to be a full-time thing.
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  15. :stfu:
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  16. It will be Different Seeing Bully Ray It will be Fun tho
  17. Was bubba fat again? I was unsure if it was clothing or if he actually went back to his old shape.
  18. pretty sure its just the terrible attire

  19. It's fine that you're entitled to your opinion. But it's not just an opinion. You make a sweeping generalization based off nothing more than a bias about the man's age. That's where I took offense. The only person who knows whether a 250 day schedule is too much for Bubba is Bubba himself.

    Jack LaLanne continued to work out vigorously for two to three hours a day into his late 90s. Yes he is an extreme exception to the rule, but that's the exact point I am making. Age is a variable. 44 for one guy might feel and seem like 33 to another guy. 44 might be too old for some people to work a WWE schedule, but it's not universal. Ric Flair worked a WWE schedule, 250 plus days into his late 50's. Ahmed Johnson would not have been able to do that. Hulk Hogan was not physically capable of that either. And that's the only point I am trying to make. Age is different for different people. Bubba is in excellent shape and I think he could work a WWE schedule full time easily.
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