Bubba Ray needs a singles push as Calfzilla

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Apr 5, 2016.

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  1. just saying
  2. Yeah, he should. He's great. I was lol'ing when he was talking shit to the Usos at Mania.
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  3. What'd they name him besides Bully? A heel with the name Bubba can never be taken seriously. Really though, Devon needs to kick rocks.
  4. He upgraded the calfs to full on cows according to himself.

    As for a name: Big Bubba Dudley does work. But he will have to bring it on the mic to get it over hard
  5. I was wondering about the bully Ray name and Calfzilla name but I doubt TNA has many copyrights lmao
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  6. lmfao.

    I agree, but what a thread. Status? Nope. Thread.
  7. If anything they are probably so strapped for cash now that Panda ain't funding them no more that they would probably be willing to sell the rights.

    Granted not being able to call Bubba Bully doesn't mean he cannot be "a bully"
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  8. In hindsight I should have made the thread about Owens and status about Calfzilla. but hey you live and you learn
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  9. Yup, same here. Big Banter Bubba is great!
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  10. There's only room for one Big Banter around here.
  11. Bubba >
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  12. Baron >
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  13. And his name is Bubba Ray Dudley.
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  14. Fuck Bubba, Bully or bust. As long as he's Bubba then Corbin would send him packing back to TNA.
  15. Get out of here with that weak game.
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  16. Well, they're not going to rename him to Bully, as much as we would all love it.

    But, they should at least let him change his attire.
  17. I don't get why his name would matter. He can still be an asshole heel as "Bubba" . I mean he was great at Mania, and not once did I think "oh this would been better if his name was Bully".
  18. Bubba's calves > that other niggas horrendous tattoo.
  19. Bubba is about the dumbest name for a wrestler. Dude is from New York, not a southern hick. Might as well give him Spike's overalls. Bully isn't great either, but you get the point.
  20. The Dudleyz have always had stupid names and still drawn massive heat.

    Bubba (originally bu-buh), Devon, Little Spike (LSD), Big Dick, Dances With, Sign Guy, Dudley Dudley (the inbred one). If your character is good enough most bad names can be overcome. And let's not forget that for a lot of his TNA run he was simply known as "brother Ray"
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