Build a faction.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by ¡Tranquilo!, Sep 21, 2017.

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  1. A thing I saw on reddit like a week ago. Basically create a stable with:

    1 WWE superstar

    1 NXT Talent

    1 Guy/girl from ROH, PWG,ect...

    1 New Japan talent.
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  2. DZ
    Lars Sulivan
    Cody Rhodes
    Kenny Omega
    Stable name : Union X
  3. aj Styles

    Adam Cole

    Cody Rhodes.

    Kenny Omega.

    Call them like... shooter group...

    But that would be crazy right...
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  4. Hmmm....

    Tyler Breeze
    Velveteen Dream
    Dalton Castle
    Daryl Takahashi

    Stable Name:

    Forever. Alligned. Beautifully. United. Loved. Overly. Uplifting. Society.

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  5. I need this to be a thing now.
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  6. Bray Wyatt, Billie Kay, Jay Lethal, and Jay White. The A-Team
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Bray wyatt
    Aleister Black
    Crazy Mary Dobson
    [Insert Name Here]

    Going for a darker type group but don't know that much about new japan' s roster....Anybody got a good selection?
  9. EVIL makes the most sense.
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  10. EVIL
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  12. How long ago did this happen? He had the crowd live! Seems like a great last member to the faction known as Satanic.
  13. Last Month during the G1 climax, the finals I think. He'll be Fighting Okada for the title in October.

    Edit: August 5th, not the finals but one of the last five nights.
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