Build you dream match card

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  1. I am very interested to see what you guys would do for your dream match card, (They don't have to be in the same brand, or network), for example, Abyss vs Kelly Kelly.....

    - AJ Styles vs Shawn Michaels
    - No Holds Barred Match: Goldberg vs Lesnar vs. Undertaker
    - Special Guest Referee Roddy Pipper: The Miz vs. SCSA
    - Batista vs Matt Morgan
    - World Championship Match: Orton (c) vs. Y2J
    - WWE Championship Match: John Cena (c) vs. The Rock

    That would be my fantasy card, I'm interested to se what @[Crayo], and @[seabs] come up with.
  2. Gonna try and beat seabs to this.

    Not adding gimmicks though.

    - AJ Styles vs HBK (agree with you there)
    - Kevin Steen vs Bryan (Best in the world match)
    - EL Generico & Sin Cara vs ADR & Rey Mysterio
    - CM Punk vs Stone Cold Steve Austin (I know Punk should be best in the world match, but these two want to face off)
    - The Rock vs John Cena
    -Special Guest Referee: Roddy Piper - Mick Foley vs Dolph Ziggler vs Abyss, could really put Ziggler over.
    -Undertaker vs Jericho
    -MITB match: Barrett wins (orton and the rest go here)

    Probably missed a lot.
  3. Cruiserweight title.

    Rey Mysterio JR vs Sin Cara vs Averno

    AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho

    Grudge Match.

    CM Punk vs Kenta

    Tag Team Titles fourway ladder match

    Londrick vs The Briscoes vs Steen and Generico vs WGTT

    Samoa Joe in 2004 vs Taz in 1999

    Sting in 1997 vs The Undertaker in 2006

    Bret Hart in 1996 vs Kurt Angle in 2003 vs ADR

    World Championship Match

    Bryan Danielson vs Shawn Michaels

    This is my dream card tbh.
  4. Knew I forgot Kenta, Joe & Angle. Ffs.
  5. Not sure who El Generico is tbh.

    The match cards look great though. I do, however, really wish that the Michaels vs Styles match would take place. That would be the greatest match EVER!
  6. That's a thread I made about Generico with a few of his matches in.
  7. El Generico is a lot like Rey Mysterio. I would kill to see Generico and Sin Cara as the next biggest tag team.