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  1. Basically what they title says. Post your dream Wrestlemania card.

    Main Event:
    Co-Main Event:
    Match 6:
    Match 5:
    Match 4:
    Match 3:
    Match 2:
    Match 1:
    Pre-Show Match:

    You can use any superstar. Past, present, & from other companies

    Extra Stuff

    Where is It Held?
    Who's commentating?
    Who's announcing?
    Who's singing the national anthem?
    Celebrity Appearances?
    Backstage Segments?
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  2. Main Event: CM Punk (C) Vs. The Rock Vs. Cena
    Co-Main Event: Sheamus (C) Vs Wade Barrett
    Match 6: Dean Ambrose (C - Hardcore title) Vs. Mick Foley
    Match 5: Ryback (C) Vs. The Miz
    Match 4: Eve (C) Vs. Layla Vs. Natalya Vs. Kaitlyn
    Match 3: Sin Cara vs Cody Rhodes (Mask Vs. Hair)
    Match 2: Kane & Daniel Bryan vs PTP vs Primo & Epico (Ladder Match)
    Match 1: Damien Sandow (C) Vs. Christian

    Pre-Show Match: Zack Ryder Vs. Brodus Clay (Heel)

    Extra Stuff

    Venue : Wembley, England
    Commentators : Kevin Nash, JBL, Michael Cole
    Announcers : Lillian Garcia, Justin Roberts
    Who's singing the national anthem? We're in England it won't be sung.

    All fantasy bookings obviously.
  3. Dat Kid Mania

    Main Event: Shawn Micheals vs The Rock (never happened)
    Co-Main Event: Iron Man Match - Bret Hart vs Daniel Bryan
    Match 6: Hell in a Cell - Undertaker VS Sting
    Match 5: No Holds Barred - CM Punk Vs Stone Cold
    Match 4: 6-man elimination tag - NWO vs DX
    Match 3: Dolph Ziggler vs Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat
    Match 2: Kharma vs Beth Pheonix
    Match 1: 12 Man Money In The Bank Match - Drew McIntyre vs Shelton Benjamin vs Sin Cara vs Super Crazy vs Rey Mysterio (from 2005) vs Jeff Hardy vs Lance Storm vs Jimmy Superfly Snuka vs Taka Minchinoku vs Funaki vs Billy Kidman vs Shane Helms
    Pre-Show Match: I quit elimination match - Cena vs Hogan vs Sheamus

    Where is It Held: Salt Lake Stadium
    Who's commentating: 90's JR, 90's Lawler, and Current Cole
    Who's announcing: The Fink
    Who's singing the national anthem: Rick Astley
    Celebrity Appearances: Bill Murray
    Backstage Segments: Ehh, not that creative
  4. Main Event: (C) Dolph Ziggler (heel) vs The Miz (face) for WWE Title (Ziggler retains)
    Co-Main Event: CM Punk vs SCSA (SCSA wins)
    Match 6: (C) Wade Barrett (heel) vs Cody Rhodes (face) for WHC (Rhodes wins)
    Match 5: Daniel Bryan (heel) vs Jack Swagger (face) Submission Match (Daniel Bryan wins with the Lebelle Lock)
    Match 4: (C) Kaitlyn (face) vs. Maryse (heel) for Divas title (Kaitlyn retains)
    Match 3: (C) Seth Rollins (face) vs Damien Sandow (heel) for IC Title (Sandow wins)
    Match 2: (C) Team 3D (face) vs The Ascension (heel) for Tag Team Titles (Team 3D retain)
    Match 1: (C) Alex Riley (face) vs. Ted DiBiase (heel) for US Title (DiBiase wins)
    Pre-Show Match: Battle Royale to determine Cruiserweight champion (Tyson Kidd wins)

    Notice: No Cena, Sheamus, Boreton, Rock, Ryback
  5. (No championships, just cuz)

    Main Event: Undertaker vs Chris Jericho (Final Streak Match)
    Co-Main Event: Billy Gunn vs Dolph Ziggler w/ Mr Perfect (R.I.P). @[Jose Tortilla]
    Match 6: D.X vs Rekking Crew.
    Match 5: Regal vs Bryan (Submission match - Retirement match).
    Match 4: Cody Rhodes vs Goldust w/ Special guest referee, Dusty Rhodes.
    Match 3: Heath Slater vs Gillberg (Jobber vs Jobber)
    Match 2: Bret Hart vs Tyson Kidd
    Match 1: Rob Van Dam vs Evan Bourne.
    Pre-Show Match: none.

    Probably the worst booked WM ever. :dawg:

    Extra Stuff

    Where is It Held? Paris/London?
    Who's commentating? JR, JBL + Cole.
    Who's announcing? Justin Roberts
    Who's singing the national anthem? Can't think of anyone.
    Celebrity Appearances? Hell no.
    Backstage Segments? -
  6. [​IMG]

    :yay: :win:
  7. Main Event: Punk v Rock w/ Austin as Ref

    Co-Main Event: Chris Jericho v Undertaker - Streak v Career

    Match 6: New Age Outlaws v Edge and Christian v Dudleys v Hardyz - TLC

    Match 5: Cactus Jack v HHH - No Holds Barred - Rumble 2000 Rematch

    Match 4: Dolph Ziggler v Kane v RVD v Miz - Intercontinental Title

    Pipers Pit with Vince Mcmahon

    Match 3: Beth Phoenix/Kaitlyn/Natalya v Trish Stratus/Lita/Molly Holly - Past v Future

    Match 2: Ricky Steamboat v Richie Steamboat - Father v Son

    Match 1: William Regal v Wade Barrett - Teacher v Student

    Pre-Show Match: Cody Rhodes v Zach Ryder - Internet Championship

    Extra Stuff

    Where is It Held? Wembley Stadium
    Who's commentating? J.R, Josh Matthews, Michael Cole and King
    Who's announcing? Justin Roberts
    Who's singing the national anthem? Alter Bridge
    Celebrity Appearances? Pete Rose appears in Kanes Match
    Backstage Segments? Probably....
  8. Daniel Sandow? :dafuq:
  9. I meant Damien. :isee:
  10. Main Event: Stone cold vs Ziggler
    Co-Main Event: Rock vs CMPunk
    Match 6: John Cena vs Undertaker
    Match 5: Brock vs Ryback
    Match 4: Hulk hogan vs daniel bryan
    Match 3: Edge & Christian vs Dudleys vs Hardeys Triple thread tag team title TLC match
    Match 2: battle royal with loads of mid and lower mid carders for the IC title
    Match 1: battle royal with loads of mid and lower mid carders for the US title
    Pre-Show Match: William Regal vs A-Ry in a tables match - A-Ry wins

    You can use any superstar. Past, present, & from other companies

    Extra Stuff

    Where is It Held? the london olympic thing
    Who's commentating? JR and JBL
    Who's announcing? justin roberts
    Who's singing the national anthem? Adele singing the british one
    Celebrity Appearances? doctor who
    Backstage Segments? brock destroying everyone backstage !!
  11. awesome ppv
  12. Main Event: CM Punk Vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
    Co-Main Event: The Rock Vs. Randy Orton (Heel) (WWE Championship) Orton is Champ
    Match 6: Undertaker Vs. John Cena in an I Quit Match
    Match 5: Dolph Ziggler Vs. Mark Henry Vs. Wade Barrett Vs. Sheamus Vs. Big Show in a NoDQ match 20 minute Championship Scramble (World Heavyweight Championship) DZ is Champ
    Match 4: Divas Battle Royal for the second Miss Wrestlemania
    Match 3: Kane Vs. Daniel Bryan in a Last Man Standing Match
    Match 2: Money in the Bank: Antonio Cesaro Vs. Kofi Kingston Vs. The Miz Vs. Tyson Kidd Vs. Justin Gabriel Vs. Sin Cara Vs. Christian Vs. Rey Mysterio Vs. Cody Rhodes Vs. Ted DiBiase
    Match 1: Brodus Clay Vs. Ryback (Intercontinental Championship)
    Pre-Show Match: Prime Time Players Vs. The Uso's Vs. Primo and Epico (Tag Team Championship)

    Extra Stuff

    Where is It Held? The Rogers Centre - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Who's commentating? Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole and later on Jim Ross
    Who's announcing? Lillian Garcia
    Who's singing the national anthem? Lillian Garcia
    Celebrity Appearances? Mike Tyson, Floyd Money Mayweather, Snoop Dogg, James Durbin and Maria Menounos
    Backstage Segments? We see Layla talking to Dusty Rhodes, Cody walk up and he tells his Dad he's an embarrassment the Rhodes name. Dusty starts telling him an embarrassing story about Cody and he get's embarrassed and Yells Dad. Cody turns around and asks why are you laughing. It's none other than Mick Foley. They Exchange some words before leaving. (Sets up match for Extreme Rules in a Extreme Rules Match between the two.)

    We see the One Man Band, Heath Slater, walking around Singing and and dancing. He asks Snoop Dogg how he did and he just :facepalm: and leaves. He keeps on walking and he meets up with Mike Tyson and Mayweather who are speaking. Slater starts singing to him. Mike Tyson and Mayweather exchange some words and than from no where Mike Tyson knocks Slater out with a punch and out comes Ron Simmons and he says :damn:
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