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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Oct 28, 2014.

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  1. So with the news of Team Cena vs Team Authority at Survivor Series: Who would you put on Cena's team?

    Ziggler is already confirmed so that leaves 3 more spots to fill on the five man team.

  2. It depends on Orton. If he turns face before or during the PPV. If he turns before he will be a part of Team Cena. Ryback will join and Sheamus maybe? Otherwise Ryback, Sheamus and someone else I can't figure out. How long is it until DB is back? Surprise return? Could Cena choose someone from NXT maybe?
  3. Ryback, Sheamus, (maybe Orton?) or a surprise return by either DB, Reigns or BNB. We'll see.

    It's too early to tell, at this point.
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  4. Knowing WWE it will probably be Dolph, the Usos and Sheamus along with Cena.

    I'd like it to be Dolph, Sami Zayn, Dean Ambrose, and Randy Orton along with Cena.
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  5. Cena, Ziggler, Ryback, Orton, Sheamus
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  6. I think it'd be cool if they called someone up from NXT to be on the team. With all the talk of the future it'd be a perfect time to capitalize on bringing up Zayn. The only problem with that though is Sami is in the middle of a program with Neville. It wouldn't really make sense time wise, but then again NXT isn't considered as a main program.

    Besides Zayn, I'd say Orton(unless they'll be saving his full turn at Survivor Series), and The Usos would be the best bets. Although, if they want to save Ambrose/Wyatt for later Ambrose could be fourth guy, and the final man could be a returning Reigns.
  7. Could definitely see the Usos being involved, but then again I wouldn't be surprised if they pitted them against Stardust & Goldust for the bazillionth time in the past couple of months.. I really just want the Ascension to be called up to bring some fresh blood to the tag division if not let's go Miz & Sandow vs Goldust & Stardust.
  8. The Usos, I wouldn't like it personally but it would make sense kayfabe wise.
  9. In a perfect WWE world, that'd be awesome.

    But since it's not perfect by any means, we're most likely gonna get the shitty line-up which you wrote in your first sentence. lol
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  10. My take.

    It'll be Orton so Orton can get his hands on Rollins.

    With the Show and Henry crap maybe those two with Show wanting a piece of Henry who may want to join the authority just to dismantle a few people.

    Ambrose as I imagine Bray may chuck in with the authority just for the hell of it.

    DZ is a cert so now we need a spot monkey so Kofi?

    This way it leaves the tag titles and US title free for defending by not including the Uso's and Sheamus which gives a solid undercard.
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  11. What you wrote makes sense.

    But it'd be so nice if they surprised us with a couple of yet-to-return people.
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  12. cena,ziggler,adam rose or the bunny
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  13. or if reigns didnt have surgery i would see him on team cena
  14. First of all, it shouldn't even be Team Cena; for a Survivor Series match to be about beating the Authority, the team leader should be someone who's fought them since the beginning (Bryan) or near enough.

    But yeah, here I go:

    John "You can't see me sell an opponent's offence" Cena
    Dolph Ziggler
    Dean Ambrose
    Roman Reigns/Brad Maddox/Sami Zayn (if Reigns is available, pick him. If not, depends on whether you want to push Brad or have Sami come in as the surprise NXT guy)
    Randy Orton

    Although I could easily see Cody Rhodes and Goldust coming in due to their history with the Authority back in 2013, if WWE didn't turn them heel and then decide to just leave the tag team division in the dirt (like seriously, we should have seen Harper and Rowan become champions amongst other things).
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  15. they will be champs soon
  16. It'll probably be Cena/Ziggler/Sheamus/The Usos versus Rollins/Orton/Kane/Noble/Mercury.

    I doubt HHH is stepping into the ring for this match and as much as some might doubt it happening, I don't find it too improbable that Noble and Mercury could be ordered by The Authority to put on the wrestling boots one last time to fill in the other two spots on the team. And I fail to see what's so "shitty" about the team of Cena, Ziggler, Sheamus, and The Usos. Ziggler and Sheamus are the two singles champions in the company right now, putting them on your team highlights them as champions and makes it look like the title holders are actually important. In kayfabe, holding any championship is seen as prestigious, so it makes perfect sense as to why Cena would trust those two as his partners. Plus, Sheamus has history with HHH as well as Jamie Noble (he ended his career before, after all), and if they want to mix a bit of reality with kayfabe, Hunter can point out that Sheamus used to be his chosen pick as the future of WWE but he failed him and now he's found a much more promising prospect in Seth Rollins.

    I doubt Orton will be a part of Team Cena. The Authority is already short by at least two men, which means either resorting to having Mercury and Noble wrestle or
    aligning with two non-Authority members to fill out the other spots. Orton jumping over to the other side would only shortchange The Authority by yet another man. They're probably saving Orton's official face turn for Survivor Series itself. They'll probably have tension with one another for most of the build to SS and then The Authority will falsely believe that they're on the same page only for Orton to drop Rollins at the end of the match and make the official turn.
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  17. Cena Ryder Ziggler Orton and Reigns.
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  18. For me a good Team Cena would be:
    Big Show

    Because Henry and Cesaro could go on Team Authority to continue the rivalry between show v Henry and ziggler v cesaro.
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  19. Heath Slater,Titus O'Neil, and The Gator for sure.
  20. O'Neil is good but Slater and that tiny little Gator really
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