Build your WWE version of Mount Rushmore.

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    Here is an image if anyone doesn't know what Mount Rushmore is.

    So anyway who would be on the WWE version and why?

    For me it's Vincent Kennedy McMahon - Responsible for making the WWE and Pro wrestling what it is today.

    Hulk Hogan - Arguably the biggest name ever and along with Vince played a huge part in the success of the WWE.

    Stone Cold Steve Austin - Saved the company when it was nearly destroyed by WCW.

    The Undertaker - One of the most loyal and respected men to ever set foot in a WWE ring.
  2. [size=x-large]OK! I've made my selection:[/size]

  3. I wouldn't want Hulk Hogan there. He may be the most famous superstar of all time but the reasons for that are because of steroids and Vince shoving him down people's throats. The fans seemed to accept it back then. I never watched a match of his and been entertained besides the HBK match because of his outrageous selling. I find his mic work totally cringeworthy and his entire gimmick is embarassing. I don't care how much he achieved, he's not making my Mount Rushmore.

    Anyway I'd go with the same only with the fourth being The Rock.
  4. Whether you want Hogan there or not, he is on there.

    I wouldn't put Vince on mine, just because I would limit it to wrestlers. The 4th slot would be tough between Rocky, Savage, Andre, HBK, and a few others.. but I would want Savage up there.
  5. But he sucks so much :emoji_slight_frown:
  6. Taking my own thread completely off topic but I never got the Hogan hate tbh, he could work really well for a man his size at the time and was a master show man.


    An example of his work in Japan showing a more technical style and his charisma was off the charts.
  7. That's a better match(from the first 5 minutes I watched, will watch the rest tomorrow as I need bed) , I'll give you that one. But the matches I seen him do in the WWE looked so tedious. Get dominated for ages, then get punched a few times, say "you!" and point finger, hit akward looking big boot then that leg drop. I don't see the charisma thing either, he looks awful I think.

    Maybe I'm just bitter because I'm a massive HBK mark and he was a total dick to him. But I've never been a fan and I hate that supertstars who were a lot more talented than him will never achieve what he did.
  8. He was limited in the WWE but not all of it was his fault imo, either way just differing opinions I guess.
  9. Flair is a shoe-in for the Mt. Rushmore of wrestling, but WWE? He only had like a 2 or 3 year run in the 90s, and then his run after WCW folded when he was old and man titted already.
  10. Limiting it only to wrestlers, it'll be Hogan, Austin, Rock, Undertaker. If Vince was on there, I'd have to say the one that gets knocked off would be either Taker or Rock.
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