Building the first Womens PPV in WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Matthew Dennis, May 12, 2018.

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  1. We all know its only a matter of time before it happens so im just curious, how would you build a card for an all womens wwe ppv?
  2. Nia Jax vs. Ruby Riott - RAW Women's Title
    Ronda Rousey vs. Alexa Bliss
    Carmella vs. Asuka - Smackdown Women's Title
    Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch
    Mickie James vs. Ember Moon vs. Natalya
    Mandy Rose and Sonya Devile vs. Peyton Royce and Billie Kay
    Shayna Bazler vs. Kairi Sane - NXT Women's Title (just to add some depth to the card)
    Nikki Cross vs. Naomi

    No matter how you book it, the card will look very weak because there's only a couple women that are very over in the women's division.. They won't go this far with the women giving them their own PPV.
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  3. Is it even going to happen?

    If it did happen it could be refreshing as it could be less then 3 hours. Love ppvs less than 3 hours. If Ronda main events then I will be all in.
  4. I don't see them going that far. Aside from the top chosen girls, the entire rest of the card would be just no-interest tv filler. They could attempt to do a short network special in a small building but I don't see them selling many tickets. They wouldn't even be breaking the "history" barrier anyways as TNA did several Knockouts ppvs.
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  5. I already talked about how I didnt think this should happen in the other thread, but Just for fun I'll do it. I plan on having the best card possible in order to sell tickets.

    I would have Charlotte win the SD title back and have an Asuka vs Charlotte rematch.

    Mickie and Alexa Bliss vs Natalya and Rhonda Rousey. This way we can cover any weaknesses Rousey may still have (although her first match looked really good, against Stephanie even).

    Nia Jax vs Ruby Riott. This would be a fresh feud and Nia would have to fight against numbers advantage.

    Sasha Banks vs Bayley. I'm not really into this match anymore, but they are going to do it anyways so might as well get it out of the way. You could make it a steel cage match or falls count anywhere so you can get a gimmick match on the card.

    Iconic Duo vs Bella twins. They already started a back and forth between the two on twitter.

    Becky Lynch vs Carmella. Becky lynch wins the MITB briefcase which would be on the line when Carmella challenges her looking for a way to win her SD women's championship back.

    NXT title Showcase. Shayna defends in triple threat or fatal four way in order to showcase the most NXT talent.

    Maybe a battle royal or something to get the rest of the women on the card. Add in a couple NXT women and maybe a surprise entrant or two. Similar to the wrestlemania one. Maybe a title shot on the line.