Building Wrestle-1 (TEW)

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    Start Date: Monday, June 1st, 2016
    Company: Wrestle-1
    Background: I assumed the control of Keiji Mutoh (a.k.a The Great Muta) and took on the challenge of taking Wrestle-1 to new heights. They currently have no TV deal but have a Prime Time deal with Gaora Sports to broadcast monthly specials. They have no PPV and run a touring schedule with their only off-season being October and December.

    Champions -
    Wrestle-1 Champion: KAI
    Wrestle-1 Cruiserweight Champion: Kotaro Suzuki
    Wrestle-1 Tag Team Champions: KAZMA SAKAMOTO & Yuji Hino

  2. Why don't we get NBC to shho wrestle 1
  3. It's a regional company in the game, and it is in Japan. Too small and far away for NBC to have a show.
  4. Well why dont we try fiji tv
  5. I don't think a TV show is really necessary or attainable, at the moment. I'm trying to have a good touring schedule.
  6. Tour: Wrestle-1 Outbreak
    Night: 1 (Monday)
    New Signees: Katsuya Ichikawa (Announcer), Kuniaki Kobayashi (Color commentator), Anthony W. Mori (Road agent)


    Tour: Wrestle-1 Outbreak
    Night: 2 (Tuesday)
    New Signees: Keita Yano (Wrestler), Kaji Tomato (Wrestler), Douki (Wrestler), Ayumu Honda (Wrestler)

    I have a very janky schedule. My roster is shared with BJW, AJPW and Dragon Gate. I will have to fire those who are linked to, at least, one of those promotions to be able to book a solid show.
  7. News: Wrestle-1 has severed all ties with Dramatic Dream Team (DDT) and has released all shared workers, along with Hama, Sanada and Ultimo Dragon, for limited booking opportunity. They have also signed British technician, Zack Sabre Jr. With the schedule changes, all Wrestle-1 special monthly events will be moved from Saturday to Tuesday. Wrestle-1 has also founded Pro Wrestling WORLDWIDE, a consortium of professional wrestling promotions that will be used as a network for smaller companies to strive and larger companies to support and benefit, from other companies. Inaugural members include Dragon Gate, AJPW, NOAH and ZERO1.

    Goal: Spend less than $10,000 on a tour stop.