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  2. So they only blame Punk for this? Sorry but this is WWE's fault entirely. They've concentrated so long on one star (Cena) and are now considering binning all the time spent to make Punk as over as he is? I can tell you right now why Punk isn't a draw. Because they do what they do to every babyface, and change their fucking personality. If he got over with his other personality, let him keep it *input cult of personality joke*. Punk brought SO MANY fans back with his shoot promo, now he's there shaking hands with people all smiley, since when is Punk like that?

    He should be there doing his own thing. Ignoring the bosses. Cutting viscous promos stretching the line. He can be booked like the new SCSA. If he doesn't get what he wants in one segment, he comes out and ruins a match in extraordinary fashion. He can potentially be massive, yet WWE ruin him. Sheamus went from badass motherfucker who didn't care about anyone, to shaking hands with hornswaggle. Orton went from kicking anyone in the skull to... well... nothing. He seems to not have a gimmick atm apart from Viper. Not all faces need to be generic smileys, Rock wasn't, SCSA wasn't. 2 biggest faces in WWE history. Fix it WWE.
  3. I'm gonna wait till I see it tbh. Just seems like typical dirt sheet bs for a slow news day. The amount of money Punk has made in shirt sales alone will convince Vince to keep the belt on him for longer. Yeah just checked the BITW shirt is tell the top seller on wweshop.com and i think it's been in the position since MITB so what 6 months now?
  4. True. But to any TV Company, Ratings are still very important. The advertisements they broadcast will put a lot more money in their wallets than merchandise sales. But you're right, I don't think this is a legit report, but if it is; then I'm definitely not a happy fan.
  5. They haven't drawn huge ratings with Cena as Champ though so I don't see them investing too much into it tbh. They seem to know what there going to get and work to that.
  6. It's 3.2's I think as Cena as champ. Not an improvement but not a drop, I'm putting it down to holiday season. More people are out christmas shopping late at night than watching wrestling. I doubt they're taking this seriously, but if they are; my first post sums up my feelings for it :emoji_wink:.
  7. I just read this and was going to post it myself. If they do it will be a bad move. But it fits into the report that he could be moved to Smackdown. Who knows, it's the WWE. Anything can happen.