Bully or Sabin- who ya got?

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  1. Bully

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  2. Sabin

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  1. I've thought all along that it would make the most sense to have Bully win the title back from Sabin eventually. Sabin is just too random, too off the grid to come in and suddenly be main eventing BFG? Makes no sense.

    So yea, I fully expect Bully to take it back for the bad guys.

    bonus question: Will you be upset if Bully wins the belt back? I would not. Sabin doesn't feel like a big enough star to give anyone a good rub at BFG. bully, does.
  2. Yeah, Bully has to take it to finish off the AJ/A&Es story line so TNA can move on and focus on guys like Roode and A Double again.
  3. Bully. Sabin winning the title was just so random and it doesn't feel right, he wasn't built up for that at all (plus, won by cheating etc). I'm not sure Bully will win but I really hope he does.
  4. Bully. It should be a decent/good match, but there is no way Sabin retains. This just was a waste of a run.
  5. No one votes for Sabin :((

    I'll vote for him. RESPECT THE X DIVISION!
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  6. You know who I'm voting for. Now that they've already put the belt on Sabin they can't just go back on it.
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  7. Bully was better without the title, and is already better since he lost it (don't know how to explain it lol), and I hope it stays that way.

    Voted for Sabin.
  8. :phew: Glad Im not the only one voting for Sabin. While it will suck that Bully won't get another shot, I think it would hurt Sabin to take the belt off to early.
  9. Hurt him how? Nobody is buying his title reign to begin with.
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  10. Because there is still a chance to salvage his reign.
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  11. Yup, I voted for Sabin because he's meant to be this underdog who's just come back amongst the "No More Heroes" thing Bully was doing, and nobody thought Sabin of all people would be the one to defeat the dominant Bully, but he did. Now, he has this chance to show the world. Give Sabin the win over Bully and then let him defeat more of the bigger guys, making him look strong enough and credible enough to be the WHC.
  12. I am voting for bully i think they only gave it to sabin because he worked so hard to come back from two really bad injuries on the trot and to reward his passion for the business and also they can't just stop bully ever having a title shot again as he is in the best shape of his life also where would they have him he wouldn't be in the main event picture he is not an x division competitor and the tv title is worthless and i don't really see him in the tag division either as it seems the only other decent team is bad influence and i think daniels is getting a singles push.
  13. Bully. They can't ruin his career like that, he's a multiple time champion and everyone knows it.
  14. Everything points to Bully getting the belt back, but as we all know TNA isn't too fond of going for the logical option and likes to hit us with RUSSO SWERVE :russo: as often as they can. I'll back Sabin, but just because TNA are morons.
  15. He's been terrible promo cutter this entire month as the champion, so I'd like to see him turn heel if he beats Bully (and if he beats him, they should instantly suggest he's turning into a piece of shit).

    He has a dickhead written all over him. Turn him into an asshole, prick and a dick (excuse my terrific rhymes). I can guarantee he'd open some eyes.
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