Bully Ray - Appreciation Thread

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  1. For former President of the Aces & 8s, two time TNA World Heavyweight Champion, 23 time World Tag Team Champion and a wrestler of the year for 2013.

    Post a gif, clip, picture, whatever makes you appreciate Bully Ray and his tremendous work since splitting from Team 3D and becoming one of the MVP's in TNA wrestling ever since.

    LET'S GO ALL 5150!
  2. His teaming with Steiner was wonderful, I ain't got no cheeseburgers.

    His heel turn on Hulk was dope ass too.
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  3. Why not?

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    My favorite version of that theme is in that vid, btw.
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  5. Bully Ray, best heel in the biz.
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  6. Was gonna post this one. :dawg:
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Mad respect for Bully. Wouldn't say I'm a fan for him but truly mad respect. He's played a pivotal role in the history of TNA helping them build a fan base. I was so happy when I heard Team 3D was coming to TNA back in 05.
  9. - Word is that Bully Ray is very high on new TNA talents Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards. During recent creative meetings, Ray has been very protective of how the duo has been booked and presented in the company.

    Credit: The Wrestling Observer

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