News Bully Ray Leaves TNA Wrestling

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  1. Bully Ray reportedly held a meeting backstage at tonight's TNA live event in Hagerstown, MD and told the crew that he was leaving and didn't expect to be back.

    Bully's deal is expiring and tonight's live event was the last date he was scheduled for.

    Bully and partner Devon are scheduled to be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame during Bound For Glory this year.

  2. Woah! Really? well he was always one to say if he didn't like it he would stop. Think he ends up back in the WWE in a trainer or coach capacity?

    EDIT: Nevermind apparently he and D-Von run their own school.
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  3. Insane news. Would they have bothered with the Dixie table spot if Bully was jetting?
    Then again, AJ Styles....
  4. Close the doors Dixie
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  5. Just another source, it sounds legitimate to me I had heard his contract was expiring soon.
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  6. Confirm, unfortunately. This isn't like two years ago when basically the same thing happened, but later he came back.

    I'm hearing though, that Bully & TNA may be able to reach a deal for him to appear for TNA two more times: October 11th and 12th, for his HoF induction and BFG PPV in Japan, since TNA has TV taped all until September 25th.

    This is bad news obv, all I can do is fpalm.
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  7. w0w. This is really unfortunate. I liked Bully Ray, so it's a shame to see him go. It'd still be cool to see them get inducted at Bound for Glory.
  8. Wow, really?
    Welcome back to WWE, then, Bully. :emoji_wink:
  9. That sucks. His championship run was entertaining as fuck.
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  10. Like so many of the others gone over recent months, sad to see him go.

    Wonder how TNA will fill his spot.
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  11. CM PUNK
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  12. Timing is everything in life, but I guess not in TNA. Just a terrible fucking timing for this to happen.

    Bully said he expects not to be back in TNA, so I guess there's still a chance of him coming back for BFG or even for good, but who knows.
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  13. Bully was entertaining, it definitely sucks to see him go.
  14. TNA taking hits left and right lately. They get a new network or whatever yet?
  15. Still in negotiations with Spike and other networks too, reportedly.
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  16. TNA on HGTV! Watch as Rockstar Spud plants a potato garden and as Austin Aries builds the greatest deck that ever lived!!!!
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  17. TNA on WWE Network!
  18. Downright tragic. Hate seeing him go, especially after such a huge moment. First AJ, now this? Man this sucks. :downer:

    Just like with AJ Styles though, if his salary can pay for 4+ new wrestlers to add depth to the roster it'll all be worth it.
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  19. Oooh that's gotta hurt the company.