Bully Ray Praises CM Punk

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 17, 2013.

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  1. Another older wrestler praising Punk, it seems like he would fit in well in previous eras.
  2. He'd be a mid-carder. :pity:
  3. Very good to hear praise from Bully to Punk.
  4. Punk wouldn't have been in the main event in the eighties, but could've been a big player in ECW.
  5. He was the ECW World Champion though.

    Oh wait...:vince: Nevermind, it don't count.
  6. He pretty much has the same opinion as me on why I like him. No bullshit, no cheesiness, just a general bad ass... Even if he looks like a 19 yo meth head.
  7. Bully has taken dumps bigger than Punk.
  8. I agree, Punk didn't have the look of that era. The four guys who owned it, Rock, Austin, Triple H, & Foley (i just now realize Foley doesn't have the look either, but I dont see Punk getting thrown off Hell In A Cells). Punk would have been in their shadows, they were all just great. He might have gotten a title shot, maybe even won it, but nothing really major. I'd say he'd be in the upper mid card. Maybe he would have been the 3rd member of the headbangers
  9. I'd mark for that if it happened now!
  10. Who wouldn't praise the BITW?! :pity:
  11. Punk tracends to other companies, which speaks volumes to his value, in the WWE.
  12. We pretty much already know what CM Punk is like with saying what he wants
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