Bully Ray & Present WWE Possibilities

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  1. I was reading an interview talking about Bully Ray and his WWE business.. he basically states that he would be open to working as an "enhancement" talent in the NXT part of the company.. however also admitted that he would like to bring D-Von back and bring the Tag Team division some additional talent.

    Here is a quote from Bully in the interview:
    Not sure which I'd prefer more to be honest, so I thought I'd bring it up with the WWEF community and see what you guys think about his possibilities with the company.

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  2. I'd be down for both options, to be honest.
    I'd enjoy him being an enhancement talent down in NXT, as much as him being on the main roster, whether with D-Von or R-Truth (you could call him D-Von 2.0) or as a singles guy.
  3. I'm indifferent as well, I personally would love to see him do both at the moment.. the tag division is pretty weak for the main roster yet an enhancement talent like him could do wonders for NXT.. Curious to see which route he decides to go, should he have the option do do both that is.
  4. Either would be fine, but I'm more inclined to some Bully Ray heel greatness.
  5. First heel tag team return, THEN backstage.
  6. I'd rather see the Dudley Boyz back, as great as Bully Ray was in TNA. In WWE he won't be treated well as a singles guy. They already have people who should be being pushed in similar roles, namely Mark Henry.

    Actually, run this angle.. The Authority finally realize Kane and Big Show are fuckboys, so they replace them with Bully Ray and Henry as their new goons. Those two would be an entertainment (not to mention ratings) goldmine.
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  7. Would love Bully as a singles competitor but unfortunately the WWE universe aint gonna make that happen! As a reignition of the tag title HELL YEAH, Ascension vs The Dudleys screams future greatness all over it!
  8. He can still go but I feel as if he would be so much better in the tag team division for WWE (or back to TNA, he sounds so desperate though) and a feud putting over The Brass Ring Club would be so good. I feel as if WWE missed a trick by not putting them in the WrestleMania tag team match, seeing as how more people would probably actually care about it and it would possibly be lifted above Pre-Show Kick-Off status if they needed to do so.
  9. A Dudley Boyz reunion on the main roster? Sure, I'd be down with that. I'd love to see them put a few motherfuckers through tables again. It's too bad we're in a PG era though (or rather, that male-on-female violence is so forbidden and frowned upon in such an era) because the Bella Twins would have been the perfect victims to eat wood once they crossed the Dudleyz in the wrong way. In an alternate universe or at an alternate time, I can imagine a heel AJ Lee being an ideal candidate to put through a table as well. I could see Bubba having an almost sexual-like fixation for wanting to 'give her wood' just like he did with Trish back in the day.

    At the very least, I wish they could tease putting Naomi through a table during a feud with The Usos before she was rescued at the last moment (the Dudleyz would be portraying the heels here, of course.)
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