Bully Ray Suffers Injury?

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  1. Bully Ray noted on Twitter that he may have partially torn a quadriceps muscle during TNA's last European television tapings. At this time we cannot confirm if Bully is selling a storyline or if the injury is actually legit.


    I hope this doesn't mean Bully will be missing some shows
  2. I hope this isn't true. The last thing TNA needs is a Bully injury and a return to the ring for Hogan.
  3. Bully Ray injured? Damn. It's a shame as he's a real great character in TNA and offers a lot. A partially torn a quadriceps muscle because he was shagging Brooke Hogan.

  4. Considering what is planned for Bully I hope he isn't injured.
  5. Torn quad? That reminds me of something. Still, hope it isn't legit. :sad:
  6. My thoughts exactly.
  7. Maybe TNA gets Hulk to fight again because of Bully's injury...
  8. Bully is a fucking beast, he injured himself at Hardcore Justice tables match last year, and then went on to main event the Impact 4 days later in a 10+ min match vs. Storm.
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  9. We can now confirm that Bully Ray's torn quad story is a work. TNA covered Bully Ray's "injury" Tweet on their official website and mentioned that he would be unable to work in one of the four matches scheduled for this week's episodes of Impact. While it’s true Ray won’t work this week’s show, he does go on to work future episodes of Impact that were taped overseas a couple weeks ago.
  10. Who is "we"?

  11. :nogusta: :urm:

    "inside information" a.k.a Chavo Guerrero :obama:
  12. Uuuuuhuh Swagger soaring eagle, sorry!:cornette:
  13. Well, I really hope it's a work. And since Chavo said it it's probably true :hmm:
  14. It's a work.
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