GFW Bully Ray teasing a return to TNA?

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by seabs, Sep 18, 2016.

  1. I saw this on Reddit and it doesn't look like it's been posted here.

    Does anyone know what his contract status is?
  2. The Dudleyz retired from WWE earlier this year. So it would not be that unbelievable that they'd return to TNA. They were big names for them before. Bubba especially.
  3. He's free from Meekmahan so I wouldn't be surprised. Shame they kept him and Devon as a novelty act in WWE because the Bully Ray character would had been refreshing to see.
  4. But he's also very much an old man in terms of wrestling now. And with WWE's rigorous schedule I don't think he would have lasted long on top. Not to mention that WWE would not have allowed him certain aspects of the Bully ray character. Like threatening rape
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  5. I mean obviously he wouldn't have been able to go full Bully Ray on WWE TV. I think it would have been like a cool thing for a two-three month feud to get some mid card guy over.
  6. Oh yeah, it's probably happening.
  7. Realistically speaking, TNA doesn't need them. I hope they realize that.
  8. Looks like it would only be Ray who'd return to TNA if it happens. Since D-Von got his long wanted job as an agent for WWE
  9. Bubba shouldn't spoil their amazing send-off from 2014. Not many can say they had a series of amazing matches in their hometown leading to an induction into a Hall of Fame (despite it being pretty useless). Coming back would make it null and void, and kind of ruin the feel.
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