Bully Ray unloads on critics via his #TwittahMachine

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Jul 12, 2014.

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  2. Wow, what a burn. :haha:
    He is right though. I don't want to know what happens, so I just avoid spoilers. It's bad that they have to tape shows, because live shows always add more excitement (big, big happenings always end up being spoiled even if you avoid them), but it's no reason to bury the company.
  3. The first tweet at the top sounds right, it makes sense for them to tape shoiws together especially in places like NYC - of course, live shows are amazing and they should happen more often with TNA... but it makes sense to tape their shows. But the 2nd tweet at the bottom makes him sound REALLY mad.
  4. clever. witty.
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  5. A company man. They give him title runs and airtime and he gives them loyalty.
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    Bully Ray and Michael Elgin. True people persons.

    Personaly I find it pretty bush league by the guy who is supposed to be the top guy in the locker room and defacto top good guy right now.


    It's not cool or fun when Batista or JBL do it. And it's not when Bully does it. It's just fun for the wrong reasons.
  7. lol what a fucking baby. Don't worship TNA? blocked. I'll just tweet with my homie Testify
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  8. I don't like TN- Blocked.
  9. Someone's a little overly judgmental. PMS'ing are we Bully?
    His estrogen levels must be too high. *snaps finger* I've got it, go see Scotty :steiner:
    Dude will hook you up and get your T-levels normal again.
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  10. Ignore list!

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  11. Lol how embarrassing. Isn't he like the face of the company nowadays?
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  12. Tweet on the spoilers makes sense, but blocking people who criticize the company is indeed childish.
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  13. #TNA
  14. Someone's a bit too upset. Come back to the WWE, Bully! :letroll:
  15. Bully Ray still hasn't blocked as many people as CM Punk.
  16. They don't want him.
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