Bully Ray vs. Chris Sabin @ "Destination X" for the World Title

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  1. As announced by the GM Hogan @ Slammiversary, Sabin will get a chance at, but must trade in the X Division Title for it.

    Dest X is no longer a PPV, so it'll probably be a special themed Impact. Thoughs on Sabin having any chance at all to win?
  2. Should be a nice match, with Sabin getting close to winning but being cheated out of it somehow.
  3. I like Sabin, but don't think he has the world title potential of Aries or even King.
  4. It would be horrible having him win the strap now both for him and Bully, have him put on a good match or refuse the trade as he wants to make the X division back to its past glories or some shit.
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  5. I can see a great match between those two but I think Sabin has no chance to win that title...
  6. What else to book for this TV special? I was thinking:

    - 3 Way Ladder Match to crown a new champion: Petey Williams vs. Suicide vs. Chavo Guerrero
    - Rewind from last year (and BFGS match): Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries
    - X Division Gutcheck of some super highflyers like Ricochet and Fox (lol)
    - BFGS match of two best friends and X Division pioneers: Kaz vs. Daniels

    Dope show imo.
  7. I don't mind Sabin vs Bully Ray, just don't really expect him to win. I'm sure it'll be a good match nontheless, and Suicide for next X Division champion.
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  8. "Destination X is back! Exclusively on @SpikeTV on July 18th from Louisville, KY! Tickets on sale tomorrow - http://impac.tw/1a8h9fY"

    -Dixie on Twitter via TNAsylum, just posting because it's July 18th
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  9. Great. Enough time to have awesome or at least semi-awesome build to it.
  10. Meh, Doesnt seem interesting.
  11. Not official I think. Sabin should decide if he will give the title for a shot at World Title. Hope he won't. But he will, Hogan and others will fire him up, he will use that chance and lose.
  12. Yeah, it's not official yet, as Sabin is still thinking about it (as seen on Impact). But in the end, I believe he'll take a chance.

  13. We get it. You don't like TNA. Stop posting in this section
  14. Why wouldn't Chris Sabin cash in for Option C? The whole deliberation thing seems silly on paper.

    Expect his indecision to cash in the X-Title could lead to Hogan and Sting putting him over a lot more (yay), putting on an exemplary match (yay), but ultimately being yet another one of "Hogan's boys" to fail to get the title back from Bully Ray (boo).

    If the match is as good as it could be (even with the new grounded Sabin) would be cool to see TNA hype Sabin up as a guy who came ever-so-close to winning the belt much like Hardy did.
  15. Yea I also don't understand that. "Hey, you know I always dreamed of becoming world champ someday, but this X Division belt is pretty shiny as well... idk, tbd!"
  16. Guess he can say "well, I may not win, so I better hold on to the title I have", but that just makes Sabin look weak.

    The X-Division title would be completely meaningless if it wasn't for Option C atm. It's a true stepping-stone belt that gives you a clear path to the main event (thank you, TNA), so not taking advantage of said clear path just makes you look like an idiot.
  17. True dat, but one other reason he mentioned in his backstage promo was TWO torn ACL's. Last year, he had one torn and would for sure trade in. But this year, after TWO torns, he's not so sure anymore. I kinda get the guy's story even if it might make him like a pussy wearing leather.

    But all of this: will he trade in or will he not, will be meaningless in the end, when he decides to challenge Bully, IMO.
  18. You're damn right. This isn't typical IWC bitching we're doing here, this is just conversation haha.
  19. Thats got nothing to do with it, I dont not like TNA I just dont watch it. I was posting what I thought.
  20. Sabin looks like he doesn't want to cash-in, he is not sure but Hulk will come and say "Come on brother, this company needs you, these Aces and Eights guys running TNA now and you are the only one that can stop them, brother!". Then Sabin gets fired up.
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