Bully Ray vs. Rampage Jackson (MMA) Match In Works?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Oct 30, 2013.

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  1. - Bully Ray has been tweeting about wanting to fight Rampage Jackson on Bellator’s November 2nd event. With Tito Ortiz being pulled due to injury, the event is being taken off pay-per-view and will be shown for free on Spike. Word going around TNA is that Bully Ray isn’t just trying to get publicity, he’s serious about stepping into the MMA ring with Rampage.

    (Partial source: PWInsider)


    Tommy Dreamer had some words for about this situation too:

  2. Kind of off-topic, but Rampage was THE SHIT in the A-Team movie.
  3. Hahaha Bully rules. Would for sure watch this.
  4. This is just laying the groundwork for a worked-shoot fight between the two. Obviously in a real shoot Rampage would knock Bully the fuck out.
  5. Page could bring his chuck belly back.
  6. If worked right this could be cool to see. I'd be down for a cage match between the two to similate that MMA feel. But if Bully actually believes he could get in the octagon with Rampage than please no Bully, just no.
  7. Lol, it would be beyond funny seeing Bully knock Rampage the fuck out, but I don't really see it happening, unless if it's a work-shoot fight of course.
  8. In a shoot, Bubba Dudley would be exposed for what he is.
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  9. Lockdown is in March of 2014, so if they begin to train for the match asap (especially Rampage), and start the program after Bully is done with Anderson, it is a possible scenario.
  10. I wish they would lol, rampage would whoop dat ass!!
  11. You say this like Rampage wouldn't hand 99% of pro wrestlers their own ass on a platter.
  12. I'd dig it if it was Kurt vs Page providing Kurt did the impossible and passed a strict medical, his wrestling would cause anybody an issue providing he kept his standard up over the years. I don't see him stopping Kurt taking him down if so.
  13. Of course. I was simply talking about Bubba right now.
  14. Lay N Pray would be Kurt's only hope. I doubt he could damage Page through his guard off his back and I know he wouldn't be busting out subs. And that is assuming his power double would put Page on his back, and considering his age and how long its been since he realistically trained for a shoot I can't see him not getting KTFO
  15. Kurt's neck is in shambles. He could easily get paralyzed in a bout like that.
  16. Yea Angle is my fav current wrestler but he wouldent stand a chance.
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