Bully Ray Wants Hogan @ BFG

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  1. Marvel.com: Looking past Slammiversary and Sting, who’s next in your periphery or is it just the type of thing where whoever they throw at you, you’ll take them on?

    Bully Ray: It’s pretty cliché when the World Champion says he’ll wrestle anyone they put in front of him but yeah, it is the answer. I will wrestle anybody and prove that I can be in there with any wrestler in the world. If you’re asking my dream, my fantasy in that situation? I want to main event Bound for Glory against Hulk Hogan.
    Hulk does not deserve a title shot because he hasn’t wrestled. But if you’re asking me who I want to beat the crap out of on TV on the biggest stage, it’s Hulk Hogan. Bully Ray. Hulk Hogan. Can the old man beat me for the belt? I say he can’t.

  2. Fuck sake.
  3. Kayfabe story is kayfabe. The BFG Series prevents that, thank fuck for that.

    (Unless Bully loses the title just to feud with Hogan... :eww: Lets please not do that.)
  4. Inb4 Hogan enters the Series as #12 , brother!

    If it's really going to happen, who should Bully lose the title to then? Roode?
  5. Don't even bring up the POSSIBILITY of this happening! Hell to the no, troll.
  6. Attends a TNA event for the first time

    Hogan wins TNA championship

    :okay: #BadLuckFarooq
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  7. Hahaha, lets hope not!
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