Bully Ray

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  1. Remember when Crayo said he was buried by losing to Hardy in the BFG Finals??? Now he rapes Aries and hardy in back to back weeks

  2. Epic promo as well.

    Plus he is the leader of Aces & Eights

  3. what is a wek. :haha: wtf when did you watch impact? FUCK. Downloading it now anyway, ahh well.
  4. One of the greatest heels in history. I never saw this character coming 12 years ago.
  5. Same. It's amazing what a competent creative team can accomplish instead of giving him a stuttering retard gimmick like #wwelogic did.

    Bully is so amazing at playing his character.
  6. can i get a fucking amen
  7. This. Also remarkable how good he looks now, definitely in the best shape of his career. He looked like a fat fucking slob in ECW.

    Bully is boss.
  8. His promo was smashing.
  9. Never said he was buried at all...

    Called him being the leader, glad it's him though.
  10. The most amazing man in wrestling period.
  11. He was fat.
    But his character has been very entertaining since they split Team 3D.
  12. Everyone called him being the leader..

    btw found the quote. You said 'irrelevant' not buried. seems pretty relevant to me :obama:
  13. Stupid crowd still chants for Devon in Bully segments even though he quit the company. Marks or what? :dawg:
  14. They think they are funny. I like the IZ but that chant pisses me off.
  15. They're mostly tourists, they have no excuse. Stupid dorks.:eww:
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