Bumper uploading fest coming for the 1 year celebration!

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  1. As you all know, the forum will have been online for 1 year this Sunday on 16th December.
    So to add to the celebrations of the anniversary, I will be uploading nearly 30GB of content for you all to enjoy.
    It will be available on PutLocker so you have the option to either stream it like YouTube or download it to keep.

    However, this will ONLY be available for Legend users. So if you don't want to miss out
    on a tonne of content, then make sure you purchase a Legend upgrade today!​

    Here is a sample of what will be coming...
    • The Top 100 Moments in RAW History
    • Classic Matches including; CM Punk vs Austin Aries, John Cena vs CM Punk (MiTB 2011), John Cena vs Randy Orton (Iron Man Match), Kurt Angle vs Eddie Guerrero (Mania 20), WCW WarGames, Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat (WCW Chi-Town Rumble) and more!
    • ECW Unreleased Volume 1
    • The Rise and Fall of ECW
    • Survivor Series 1997
    • ECW One Night Stand 2006

    This is just a sample and there's much more to come, so don't miss out!
    Legends, check out the Legends section in the coming days.

    Woooooooo! :woo1:
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  3. Read the thread.
  4. I am a Legends.
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  6. Laughed at this post.
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  7. You're evil... ; _ ;
  8. Any ROH or PWG going up?
  9. BoLA 2012.
  10. So awesome. +10
  11. Re: RE: Bumper uploading fest coming for the 1 year celebration!

  12. Haha, thank you :smug:
  13. Silly notifications didn't even tell me you replied or quoted me :emoji_slight_frown:

  14. This site hates me, no one gets a notification when I quote them and my cash goes up about 2c per 100 posts....
  15. Aww :emoji_slight_frown:

    Yeah I was on like $0.40 and now I'm $1.xx

    Don't know how it went up fast I've only posted like 30 timees.
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