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  1. I miss it dearly!
    Not only the theme, but the character too.
    He can't go back now considering he himself is now a legend.
    I am saddened. These video's are some matches but meant really for the awesome entrances of The Legend Killer!

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  2. Woah very nice post. This was where he was at his best on the stick I think. His mic work during the legend killer gimmick was great.
  3. He had so many great matches as The Legend Killer.
    He got over because of it too. He was facing Hogan, Undertaker, Kamala, Foley, Flair, ect.

    Now today in WWE, Orton has no challenge and his character is stale which makes him boring.
  4. To you, you think he's boring. He's getting the loudest reactions in his whole career right now.
  5. That first video was honestly when I started to really really like him. Very nice post, and I'm glad you're an Orton fan. :emoji_grin:
  6. Matches good, Character boring.
  7. Yeah Randy Orton's number 5 in my list because I like seeing him wrestle a lot.
  8. His character isn't boring at all to be honest. If you really observe his actions, and what he does best, you will see that. His character is on the down low currently. His character portrays that of a Viper. Vipers look innocent, and tend to avoid people and stay on the downlow, but when given the oppurtunity, it will strike faster than a heartbeat, which is why Ortons character is so unpredictable. That's why he is so entertaining to watch, and that's why all the fans are giving him the loudest props he has ever had before. Randy Orton, in my eyes, is so different than anyone else in the WWE, and that's why he's the most entertaining to me. Although I'm sure other people will have different oppinions about that. He's very entertaining though :smile:
  9. Yeah he has a great personality. Just watch this match from the last live Smackdown!

  10. Yeah, I know. Orton would have dominated Show is Smackdown wouldn't have ended.
  11. He did afer the show when the post show ended with Randy giving a RKO to show on the stage or ramp i think it was
  12. Before Big Show knocked him out.
  13. I fell asleep and hit my head on the keyboard reading through this thread
  14. I'm guessing you don't like "The Legend Killer" or are trying to trash my thread because I shared my opinion on the Raw Supershow thread.
    How immature.
  15. I trash Randy Orton every chance I get. It has nothing to do with your irrational hate for the Raw thread, calm down
  16. [​IMG]
  17. Stop your bickering you two. This isn't 5 grade where you're arguing over what you want for lunch. Chill out.
  18. ...except I'm not bickering at all?
  19. Burn in my light is easy to listen to

    Voices... only if I'm pi**ed off
  20. Imagine if Orton turned legend killer once again and heeled Taker's streak away from him. Mmmm.
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